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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie
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The slogan for Springfield Elementary’s parent-teacher night is:
Let’s Share the Blame
We Soothe Your Pain With Alcohol
Don’t Shoot the Messenger
Tell Us How To Raise Your Children
Of the following, which is not one of the atrocities committed by Bart :
synthesising a laxative from peas and carrots
replacing Mrs Krabappel’s birth-control pills with Tictacs
mooning a delegation of visiting Swiss principals
sticking a firecracker somewhere on another child’s anatomy
At home, Bart’s behaviour is no better. What does he borrow?
Grandpa’s dentures
Homer’s wallet
Lisa’s saxophone
Marge’s high heels
Marge imagines Bart as a sleazy stripper, with the name:
Bull Whip Bart
Bang Bang Bart
Big Boy Bart
Back Door Bart
Bart suggests that Homer could punish him for not taking out the garbage, or he could spend the afternoon:
with this delicious packet of pork rinds
lying in the hammock while Marge mows the lawn
throwing pieces of trash into Flanders’ yard
watching unpredictable Mexican sitcoms
According to Homer, what’s the trick to getting out of jury duty?
pretending to be deaf
telling the judge you like murder cases the best
saying that you’re prejudiced against all races
swearing the oath on the Koran
What was the name of the first Scratchy cartoon?
That Happy Cat
Manhattan Madness
Steamboat Itchy
Which justice of the Supreme Court does Homer believe was a stripper?
William Howard Taft
Thurgood Marshall
Felix Frankfurter
Earl Warren
Homer doesn’t remember the moon landing because he was too busy singing along to
Who Put the Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp) by Barry Mann
Yummy Yummy Yummy, by Ohio Express
Sugar Sugar, by the Archies
Tra-La-La, the theme to The Banana Splits
Homer finally punishes Bart by forbidding him to see the Itchy and Scratchy Movie, so he has to make to with Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie: The Novel, written by
John Updike
Saul Bellow
J.D. Salinger
Norman Mailer
How many Academy Awards does the Itchy and Scratchy Movie win?
The Itchy and Scratchy movie is closing and next week a new movie will open, starring:
Julie Christie and Corey Feldman
Ellen Burstyn and Denis Rodman
Liza Minnelli and Mickey Rourke
Sissy Spacek and Carrot Top

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