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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Bubble Boy
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1. Jerry's new date, Naomi, has a unique laugh. When she suggests they watch _____, Jerry declines.
The Naked Gun
The Mask
Uncle Buck
2. Jerry relates Naomi to Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer. How does she find this out?
She sees it written on a sticky note
She overhears Jerry say it to Elaine
She overhears a phone message from George
She asks Jerry what he thinks of her
3. Kramer gets invited to play at a private country club after meeting the pro and offering him something for free. What?
A polo shirt
Caddy service
A cigar
4. What's the Bubble Boy's name?
5. On the way to meet the Bubble Boy, Jerry is supposed to follow George, but gets lost. Why?
George drives too fast
George gets pulled over
George gets into a car wreck
Jerry takes a wrong turn
6. Jerry and Elaine take a pit stop at a diner and strike up conversation with their waitress after she recognizes Jerry. Jerry personalizes a photo of himself for her, then requests to get it back. Why?
He doesn't like his hair in the photo
He's isn't satisfied with the message he wrote
He accidentally gave her the photo he was supposed to give to the Bubble Boy
He wants to give her a color print instead
7. Kramer skips out on the country club and picks up Naomi instead. Why?
It's raining
There was a golf tournament
He's hungry
He forgot he doesn't have clubs
8. Who said it? "Hey, I am not a prude, sweetheart. I swing with the best of them."
Bubble Boy
9. George arrives at the Bubble Boy's house first and is invited to play a game with him. What?
Trivial Pursuit
10. George gets into a fight with the Bubble Boy because of a misprint on the Trivial Pursuit card. What word is misspelled?
Justinian the Great

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