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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 3 Episode 12: Exit Strategy
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Lindsay believes what myth about vodka?
it removes foot odor
it goes bad once it’s opened
it let you take off band-aids without it hurting
it cannot be smelled on your breath
Gob has been booked for an out of town magic show in:
Corona Del Mar
Tobias has been asked to play a very important part in the prosecution, which he believes to be a CBS procedural. He auditions with:
a few tunes from Wicked
an Eve Arden impression
a Vagina Monologue
the opening number from Rent
Buster is finding his coma strategy hard to maintain since his mother found a website about making money from coma patients. What has Buster not provided?
a live body for medical students to learn from
a human canvas for beauticians
a wide expanse of skin to demonstrate allergy testing
a set of teeth for an at-risk youth dental program
Buster’s Australian day-nurse is named:
It’s Maeby’s 16th birthday and George Michael goes through her address book. He does not invite Steve Holt, as he is too threatening, but does invite:
Mickey Rourke
Charlie Sheen
Gary Busey
Bai Ling
Tobias has been taken in by a scrapbooking sting. Which convicted felon was explicitly not fooled by this ploy?
Kenneth Lay
Oliver North
Martha Stewart
Scooter Libby
Gob is performing a Christian magic show featuring Jesus’ biggest illusions. Which illusion causes a riot?
Water into Wine
Walking on Water
Loaves and Fishes
the Burning Bush
Michael, Gob and Buster visit one of the Bluth company mini-mansions in Iraq, to find it is lived in by:
Saddam Hussein lookalikes
Iraqi prisoners
Gob’s wife
And what do they find in the secret room?
a stack of body building magazines
an IED, which turns out to be a Homefill IED
Chemical Ali
a nuclear warhead
Turns out the CIA was behind the Bluth company building mini-mansions in Iraq, so they could wire them. Who plays CIA agent Richard Shaw?
Ron Livingston
Gary Cole
Diedrich Bader
David Herman
Back in the O.C., George Michael and Maeby get “drunk” on non-alcoholic wine and make it all the way to:
first base
second base
third base
home plate

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