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How Well Do You Know: North by Northwest
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In later years, Cary Grant had to resort to racing biplanes for money.

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1. Thornhill is in what line of business?
2. Vandamm's men get Thornhill drunk on what?
3. Why does the professor not want to clear Thornhill of killing Townsend?
He doesn't want to endanger his own agent
He thinks Thornhill is guilty
Townsend ordered him not to
He wants Thornhill to kill Vandamm
4. The name of the film comes from what?
The reading on Thornhill's compass at the Chicago airport
The general direction Thornhill travels in the film
The reading on Thornhill's compass at the Cedar Rapids airport
The name of the train Thornhill takes from New York to Chicago
5. How is Townsend killed?
Knifed in the back
6. Where do Thornhill's initials appear?
On his shirt pocket
On his wallet
On his money clip
On his matchbook
7. The movie starts in what state?
New York
8. Why does Thornhill take the train to Chicago?
He believes Kaplan is there
To meet his mother
He has tickets to a baseball game
To speak at a convention
9. How does Thornhill arrive at the location at which he is attacked by the cropduster?
He hitchhikes
He takes a bus
He is drugged and left there
He is taken in a police car
10. Thornhill learns Vandamm's name where?
At the United Nations
At an auction
On the train to Chicago
At the Cedar Rapids airport
11. While standing on the Chicago airport tarmac, the following is revealed to Thornhill, except for what?
Eve is a government agent
George Kaplan doesn't exist
Vandamm is leaving the country soon
Eve is planning to shoot Thornhill
12. Why is Thornhill originally mistaken for Kaplan?
Kaplan is an anagram of an alias he uses
Kaplan's name was paged in the lounge where he was drinking
Eve calls him Kaplan on their first meeting
His mother calls him Kaplan, which is his middle name
13. Thornhill overhears a conversation between Leonard and Vandamm at the South Dakota house. He learns which of the following?
The men know the gun Eve used to shoot Thornhill contained blanks
The figurine won at auction contained microfilm
Vandamm plans to kill Eve during the flight
All of the above
14. Where did Eve originally meet Vandamm?
At a party
At the United Nations
At a wedding
At a café in Washington, DC
15. In his cameo in the film, Hitchcock is shown doing what?
Reading a newspaper
Talking in a phonebooth
Driving a police car
Getting on a bus

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