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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 3 Episode 05: Mr. F
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Michael has purchased George Michael a suit for his birthday. What’s the brand?
Jack Welch
Peter Drucker
Hank Paulson
Donald Trump
Maeby’s solution for the failure of Love, Indubitably is to:
cut 35 minutes from it
repackage it as a slasher flick
take out the British accents
turn it into an amusement ride
Tobias has found a new friend at the gym, Frank. According to Tobias, what’s Frank’s problem?
he is a terrible actor
he monopolises the exercise balls
his backside is covered with moles
he’s completely oblivious to the fact that he’s a homosexual
According to Gob, the Japanese:
live in tiny apartments
are squinters
commit suicide when they fail
have hot and naughty schoolgirls
What does George Sr. order over the internet from a Japanese company?
a tiny town train set
x-ray spectacles
a jet-pack
a hoverboard
According to the motivational poster in George Michael’s room, what both start out the same way?
play and pain
laughter and losing
fun and failure
recreation and remorse
The Japanese investors thought that Lucille was impersonating Godzilla but soon realised:
she was an angry drunk
she wasn’t getting any from George Sr.
it was due to disappointment in her son, Buster
she was out of vodka
Rita has the letters MR F on her bracelet. What does MRF stand for?
MasteR of Finance
Migrant Rights Fellowship
Marine Reconnaisance Force
Mentally Retarded Female
Mr. F is an undercover mole spying on the Bluth Company. Who is revealed to be Mr. F?
Michael asks Rita to marry him so she won’t be deported. When she leaves, she takes the mysterious prize that Trevor promised her. What is it?
a medal
a gold star
a necklace

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