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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 3 Episode 03: Forget-Me-Now
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Barry Zuckerkorn has been replaced with Bob Loblaw, played by:
Scott Baio
Bronson Pinchot
Ted Danson
Fred Savage
Bob Loblaw can do everything for the Bluths that Barry Zuckerkorn did. Plus:
speak Spanish
work as a live-in babysitter
deal with Buster’s identity theft
skew younger
George Sr. has also made a new hire – a surrogate to be his eyes and ears, played by an actor best known for the character:
Steve Urkel
Homer Simpson
Super Dave Osborne
Stephen Colbert
Tobias’ title, according to his business cards, is:
head shrinking player
performing neurotician
Michael meets Rita at an American-themed restaurant, where he finds her:
riding the space shuttle
using the love-tester
riding the mechanical bull
playing with the skill crane
Michael knows that introducing girlfriends to his family does not work out well. What has not happened?
Gob suggested to Dee that “If you like the small, why don’t you come back for the medium?”
Lucille asked Marta to start cleaning behind the fridge
Tobias flirted with Deirdre, and suggested they go to the men’s sauna together
Buster impersonates Barbara by wearing extremely large fake breasts
Michael doesn’t want Rita to meet his family, so he tells her:
his family lives in Phoenix
he doesn’t have a family
his family have dementia
his family doesn’t speak to him
Buster overcomes his fear of seals by:
going to Sea World
travelling to Canada for the seal hunt
taking roofies
clubbing Rita
Who is not drugged by a roofie at some point this episode?
Steve Holt
On the next Arrested Development, Lindsay is dressed as:
a naughty policewoman
a beer garden girl
a French maid
a slutty nurse

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