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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 3 Episode 02: For British Eyes Only
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Previously on Arrested Development:
Lindsey and Tobias had a passionate reunion
Gob gained readmission to the Magician’s Alliance
Michael arranged for George Sr. to be placed under house arrest
Buster’s hand was reattached
Gob has a new illusion, It is called:
Daydream Believer
Free Bird
Escape (Pina Colada)
Just an Illusion
George Sr. has to appear in court, and he’s hired Andy Griffith. What’s extra?
the white suit
eating hot dogs
leaning forward and whispering in your attorney’s ear
soiling himself during an objection
George Sr. claims he was set up by the Brits. He also claims that he thought Saddam Hussein was:
the guy who played Lando Calrissian
the guy who played Apollo Creed
the guy who played the Soup Nazi
the guy who played Cheech, from Cheech and Chong
The final Bluth family chicken impersonation. George Sr’s chicken impersonation involves kicking and waving with alternate hands and shouting:
cha chi-cha chi-cha chi-cha
Michael goes to Wee Britain to look up some files. Wee Britain’s main tourist attraction, which bears no relation to a well-known fictional character is:
the Poppuns
the Sherluck Homes
the Puddington Bear
the Bund
In Wee Britain, Michael sees Rita, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Who is the actress?
Naomi Watts
Charlize Theron
Renée Zellweger
Kate Winslet
Michael introduces himself to Rita, but he has his worst hello which involves:
Jack the Ripper
Ted Bundy
Adolf Hitler
Gob thinks that love feels like:
punching someone in the face
an erection
Unfortunately for George Sr’s court case, the prosecution has hired:
Jimmy Smits
Corbin Bernson
Harry Hamlin
Michael Tucker

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