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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 3 Episode 01: The Cabin Show
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The Bluth Company is on CNBC’s Mad Money. What rating does Jim Cramer give the Bluth Company?
Don’t Buy
Am I Nuts?
Michael comments that Lucille seems more villainous than usual. What seems to be the reason?
it is 8 am, so she’s not drunk yet
since she fired Lupe, she hasn’t had anyone to berate
she went off her post-partum medication
Oscar is in prison, so she isn’t getting any
George Sr. used to promise to take Michael up to the family cabin, only to leave him disappointed. What is not one of his reasons for doing so?
This nice young lady has lost her puppy, and your dad’s got to help her find him.
This lovely young lady needs help with her homework.
This young lady’s dad is sick, and... I’m taking her to the hospital.
Come on, you’re old enough to figure this out. I’m nailing this broad.
Michael is planning one last trip up to the family cabin at Tahoe, but has to disappoint Gob and then George Michael. What sleeping bag do they both have?
Grizzly Adams
Kung Fu
Gentle Ben
Daniel Boone
Oscar has been imprisoned in George Sr’s place. What words does Oscar say to Michael that convince him it is actually Oscar who is behind bars?
“Tell your mother I’ve always loved her.”
“Hug Buster for me.”
“I understand. Your child comes first.”
“That’s good advice, son. I’ll do that.”
Gob is revealed to be Steve Holt’s father. If Steve Holt had had a father growing up, he would have told him:
to stay away from women with more than one tattoo
all these bad things happen to you because you’re a dumbass
it’s like playing tennis against a brick wall
not to go to the woods with strange men
The Seedy Underbelly of Reno, a family-style restaurant by day and an anything-goes, pan-sexual bazaar by night is now called:
the Golden Stool
the Crab Shack
Dirty Dick’s
Michael fires Barry Zuckerkorn, who wonders if he can get by:
picking loose change out of vending machines
as a professional bowler
doing karaoke for money
turning tricks on the street
Tobias accuses Kitty of seeing someone else after seeing:
hook scratches on her back
a blue hand print at the back of her head
a magic wand
Steve Holt
In order to make Lindsay jealous, Tobias makes out with:
a make-up lady who looks a lot like Kitty
Barry Zuckerkorn
Steve Holt

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