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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Cape Feare
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1. The episode opens with a late-night TV show hosted by:
Troy McClure
Arsenio Hall
2. Among the death threat letters written by Sideshow Bob is one from Homer, written after Bart put a tattoo on his butt reading:
Wide Load
For the Boys
The 51st State
Don't Tread on Me
3. After Nelson pulls down Bart's pants in the playground yard, the girls all call him:
Queen of the Old West
Ten Toes
Millhouse II
Fatty-Fat Fat Fat
4. When Marge goes to see Chief Wiggum about the threatening letters, Clancy discovers that it's illegal to
Round up children to paint lines in the parking garage
Put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling
Operate a fake Faberge egg ring out of the public library
Use Coors bottle caps as currency
5. Sideshow Bob starts to get woozy when he writes a letter in blood ("Use a pen, Sideshow Bob") to:
Life in These United States
Cat Fancy Magazine
The Economist
Rolling Stone's subscription department
6. When Selma appears at Bob's parole hearing, Patty admits that she also is thinking of killing Selma right now. Why?
Her leg hair constantly clogs the shower drain
She drinks wine straight from the box
She cracks her knuckles in her sleep
She's always leaving the toilet seat up
7. "We object to the term 'urine-soaked hell hole' when he could have said 'peepee-soaked heck hole.'" What is Bob's response?
He likens the suggestion to pronouncing "February" as "Feb-boo-ary"
"Cheerfully withdrawn"
"I will not have my words dumbed down"
"Ah, le mot juste"
8. "No one who _______ could be an evil man...."
Is so genteel
Speaks German
Has such classical penmanship
Votes Republican
9. Upon his release, Sideshow Bob goes to see this movie:
Rocky VII: Adrianne's Revenge
Ernest Goes Somewhere Cheap
Throw Mamma from the Blimp
Run Around Sue: The Susan B. Anthony Story
10. Sideshow Bob completely flubs his comeback to Marge's demand that he:
Abide by the terms of his parole
Seek forgiveness from those he's wronged
Conduct himself with decency
Stay away from her son
11. When talking to the Witness Relocation guys, Homer wants to become this person as his new identity:
Bill Clinton
John Elway
The Where's the Beef? lady
Jack Nicholson
12. Which is not a location that the Simpsons are offered as cite for their relocation?
Terror Lake
New Horrorfield
13. [groans] "Now, when I say Hello Mr. Thompson, you ______"
Smile and nod
Give me a thumbs up
Stick out your tongue
Wink innocently
14. Clinging to the bottom of the Simpsons' car, Sideshow Bob is imperiled by each of the following, aside from:
Voracious adders
Scalding coffee
Speed bumps
15. Uh oh, when the Simpsons relocated, they forgot about Grandpa. Grandpa knocks at their door back at Evergreen Terrace, complaining about:
The ghost of Harry Truman
The cancellation of Matlock
Cold, and wolves
Not knowing the way to the General Store
16. At the marina, these household implements cause further injury to Bob:
Hair dryers
Fire extinguishers
17. "Surely there's no harm in laying in the middle of a public street." Don't be so sure, Sideshow Bob, as you're about to be trampled in a parade which boasts banners that read: "Terror Lake Salutes ________"
Monster Truck Rallys
Farmer Ed's Porcupine Stampede
The Museum of All Things Heavy, Sharp and Pointy
Hannibal Crossing the Alps
18. At one point during the night, Homer scares Bart when he bursts into his bedroom holding:
A butcher's hook
A chain saw and hockey mask
An ice pick
A life-like severed head
19. "Anyway, I was wondering if you could sing the entire score of...."
The Mikado
The Pirates of Penzance
The H.M.S. Pinafore
La Boheme
20. Sideshow Bob is arrested as the Simpsons' houseboat drifts by:
A brothel
A donut shop
An after-hours speakeasy
An adult video store

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