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How Well Do You Know: National Treasure
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elopez 10/24/11 12:34 pm


1. As the film opens, young Ben Gates learns the story of Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence. Who told Ben the story of Charles Carroll and the treasure he kept?
Ben's father
Ben's grandfather
Ben's history teacher
Ben's aunt
2. The first clue to the treasure that Ben receives in the film reads:
Look into the treasured past
Three lanterns mark to way to that which you seek
A true heart will lead you down the right path
The secret lies with Charlotte
3. Ben and his team find a frozen ship in the Arctic Circle. They originally thought that the treasure was contained in barrels in the cargo hold. While most of the barrels actually contained gunpowder, what object did Ben find that contained a further clue to the treasure's location?
A pen
A sword
A scroll
A pipe
4. Ben realizes that the clue from the boat indicates this historical document, which Ian resolves to steal:
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
The Magna Carta
The Bill of Rights
5. Back in Washington, DC, Ben and Riley meet Abigail Chase, who works here:
The Treasury Department
The Secret Service
The National Archives
The Smithsonian Museum of American History
6. Dr. Chase has a collection of these items - one of which is missing:
Fountain pens used to sign the Declaration of Independence
George Washington Inaugural buttons
Wax stamps used to seal letters sent from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams
Silver thimbles cast by Paul Revere
7. Ben reasons that his best chance to steal the Declaration is when it is taken from public display to this room in the Archives:
Documents Room
Examination Room
Antiquities Room
Preservation Room
8. Which of the following was not part of the operation employed by Ben and Riley to steal the Declaration?
Making a fake ID badge
Laser light
Knock-out gas
Cutting into video surveillance
9. Abigail's password to allow access into the Preservation Room was:
Concord and Trenton
Valley Forge
10. Ben's attempt to take the Declaration out of the Archives was complicated by:
A gift store clerk thought he was trying to steal a replica
A suspicious policeman
The exits all having been sealed
An electric eye that sounded an alarm
11. When Ben goes to his father's house, his father assumes that Abigail:
Is a fellow treasure hunter
Is Ben's parole officer
Is pregnant
Is an escort hired by Riley
12. To reveal the map on the back of the Declaration, Ben and Abigail use lemon juice and:
A microwave oven
Hair dryers
A heat lamp
A Maglite flashlight
13. Ben asked his father for letters, which contained further clues, written by this person:
Prudence Fidelity
Constance Rightpath
Patience Safeguard
Silence Dogood
14. Ben's father donated the letters in question, so Ben and company travel to this city to find them:
15. Riley decodes the cypher in the letters with the help of:
A school boy
A museum docent
A nun
A security guard
16. Ben works out the time he is supposed to be at Independence Hall to get the next clue by using:
A line of text from the letters
A $100 bill
An old lithograph of a lighthouse
A scroll hidden in a fountain pen
17. Riley states (a fact that Ben and Abigail already know) that this person was the first to suggest Daylight Savings Time:
George Washington
Ben Franklin
Thomas Payne
Thomas Jefferson
18. Ben retrieves an object from Independence Hall which was hidden:
Under a chair
Behind a brick
Under a floor board
Behind the hour hand of a clock
19. The spectacles Ben found at Independence Hall had lenses of these two colors:
Blue and red
Red and green
Yellow and blue
Purple and yellow
20. Using the spectacles, Ben divines that his group needs to travel to this city:
New York
21. With the villainous Ian hounding them at every step, Ben says that his group has to split up, so that Ian doesn't get both the Declaration and the spectacles. How the the heroes divide?
Abigail takes the Declaration; Ben and Riley take the spectacles
Ben and Abigail take the Declaration; Riley takes the spectacles
Riley and Abigail takes the Declaration; Ben takes the spectacles
Ben takes the Declaration; Riley and Abigail take the spectacles
22. Harvey Keitel plays Agent Sadusky, who tracks Ben throughout the film. For which organization does Sadusky work?
Secret Service
Homeland Security
23. Ian instructs Ben to meet him on the deck of an air craft carrier. Ben does, but eventually jumps off the ship into the water. What is the name of the carrier?
USS Explorer
USS Intrepid
USS Pioneer
USS Riptide
24. Ben knows to go to Wall Street and Broadway, because of this apparently misspelled word in a clue:
25. Inside Trinity Church, Ben and Ian search for this "street" until they realize that the name refers to a person:
Townsend Way
Anthony Route
Dresden Court
Parkington Lane
26. Descending into the catacombs beneath the church, one of Ian's crew plunged to his apparent demise when:
The rope on a dumbwaiter snapped
He was tripped by Ben's father
A stair collapsed
A wooden railing gave way
27. "Do you trust me?" Ben asked Abigail when they found themselves in peril. When she answered yes,
Ben dropped her
The room went dark
Ben fired a gun
Ben kissed her
28. With the treasure apparently no where to be found beneath the church, Ben's dad bluffed and sent Ian and his gang to this city to search further:
29. Ben ultimately unlocked the entrance to the room that held the treasure by using pieces of this object:
A torch
A pipe
A pen
A cross
30. Riley bitched that Ben only accepted this percentage of the treasure as a reward:

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