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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Homer at the Bat
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1. The plant workers are encouraged to sign up for the company softball team when Homer mentions he has a secret weapon. Which is not an item that Homer's co-workers imagine is his secret weapon?
A Giant glove
Spring loaded shoes
A naked lady used to distract the pitcher
A death ray to incinerate the opposing team
2. When lighting strikes a tree, Homer has to put this project aside in order to work on Wonderbat:
Attempted birdhouse
Homemade football
His blueprint for lasting Middle East peace
His recipe for homemade prozac
3. When Bart asks Homer how many home runs he'll hit in the season, Homer reasons there are 30 games, in which he'll average 10 bats a game, and arrives at this number:
A short of the MLB record
More than the Minnesota Twins combined
4. "Hey, we know how to play softball." Which of the following is not one of the ground rules laid out by the umpire?
You can't leave first until you chug a beer
If you clean your cleats at home plate, you have to chug a beer
Any man scoring has to chug a beer
Chug a beer at the top of all odd-numbered innings
5. When Homer reveals his magic bat to his team, Carl states that his secret weapon is:
An enchanted jockstrap
A mystical cup
Fantastical suspenders
Bewitched tube socks
6. Mr. Burns instructs Smithers to go out an get ringers. Which of the following is not on his original list of desired players?
Honus Wagner
Cap Anson
Clark "The Old Fox" Griffith
Mordecai "3-Finger" Brown
7. When Smithers recruits the ringers for the company softball team, who does he find playing with a jazz trio?
Mike Scioscia
Roger Clemens
Ozzie Smith
Steve Sax
8. Taking over as manager, Mr. Burns gives the team this wellness tip:
Sleep no fewer then 16 hours each night
Instead of beer, drink a brain and nerve tonic
Colonoscopies at least twice a week
Beware the wiles of the (shudder) fairer sex
9. Ralph and Bart are captains for a schoolyard game of baseball. While Bart ends up taking Millhouse and Louis, Ralph gets:
Sax, Scioscia and Mattingly
Boggs, Griffey and Canseco
10. The Springfield police pull one of the pros over. The cops say they heard someone was killed in New York City, and they solved the case. Who wouldn't know anything about that (or when to keep his mouth shut)?
Steve Sax
Jose Canseco
Ozzie Smith
Roger Clemens
11. Ken Griffey, Jr. suffers which acute side-effect from chugging too much brain and nerve tonic?
He thinks he's a chicken
His ears show extensive cauliflowering
Amoria phlebitis
12. Boggs gets his lights punched out by Barney as they argue about who is England's greatest Prime Minister, Pitt the Elder or:
Spencer Compton, The Earl of Wilmington
Sir Robert Peel
Lord Palmerston
Ramsay MacDonald
13. What is the name of the local attraction that accounts for Ozzie Smith disappearing from the face of the earth?
Springfield Funland Sinkhole
Springfield Mystery Spot
Springfield Inescapable Vortex
Springfield Land-based Wormhole
14. Catastrophes have struck each of the ringers - all except for this one, who plays Homer's position:
Darryl Strawberry
Jose Canseco
Roger Clemens
Ozzie Smith
15. When Mr. Burns finally puts Homer into the game, he gives Homer instructions for the signs. This confuses Homer, leaving him wishing he was home with:
A big bag of potato chips
A nice stack of waffles
Nuts and gum
A can of Duff in each hand

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