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How Well Do You Know: The Blues Brothers, Part II
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1. The brothers utter "We're on a mission from God" for the first time in the film when:
They are being chased by the police for the first time
When they are in the presence of The Penguin
They are in Matt Murphy's kitchen
They are in the country western bar
2. What was the name of the spiritual that the congregation sang in Rev. Cleophus's church that keyed Jake's realization of how to get the money?
Go Down Moses
Get On Board Little Children
Wade in the Water
The Old Landmark
3. We hear the Peter Gunn theme for the first time in the movie:
When Jake is walking out of the prison
At Ray's music store
When the brothers make their way to Elwood's apartment
After the brothers' hotel building is destroyed
4. How often does the train go by?
Every six or twelve minutes
It constantly runs, as long as you don't need it
So often that you won't even notice it
What train?
5. What was the actual name of the Illinois Nazis?
American Socialist White People's Party
Exclusive Society of the Chosen Ones
The Midwest Aryans for the Betterment of America
In an upset, the Illinois Nazis
6. Which of these songs played first in the film?
Sweet Home Chicago
Shake a Tail Feather
She Caught the Katy
7. The Mystery Woman used all of these weapons to try to do in Jake.
  1. Flame thrower
  2. Machine gun
  3. Bomb
  4. Rocket launcher
From earliest to latest, which is the correct sequence in which she uses them?
B - D - C - A
D - C - A - B
D - A - C - B
A - B - C - D
8. Which correctly matches the band member to the instrument they play?
Mr. Fabulous - saxophone
Willie "Too Big" Hall - drums
"Blue" Lou Marini - bass
Donald "Duck" Dunn - keyboard
9. Which of these musical legends does not appear in the film?
James Brown
Aretha Franklin
John Lee Hooker
Little Richard
10. The band eventually plays the Rawhide theme and Stand By Your Man at the country bar, but that wasn't the first song they played. What was it?
Gimme Some Lovin
Midnight Train to Georgia
Hound Dog
Can't Get Enough of You, Babe
11. What was the name of the venue in which the band played the big concert in the film?
Paradise Showplace
Great Midwestern Concert Hall
The Palace Hotel Ballroom
Chicagoland Musical Emporium
12. The woman that Elwood met when the brothers were out of gas was played by a woman who was a well-known:
13. Burton Mercer had an animal on his desk dressed in police attire. What type of animal was it?
A pig
A bird
A shark
A monkey
14. At the end of their first encounter with the Blues Brothers, the Illinois Nazis ended up in:
An alleyway
A burning barn
The water
15. One of the many, many people who pursued the Blues Brothers at the end of the film was the leader of The Good Ole Boys, a man named this:
Tex Picker
Tucker McElroy
Buford Watermaker
Dallas Colorado
16. At the country bar, the band drank this much more in alcohol than their pay for the night:
17. Trying to duck out of the concert, Jake and Elwood met a record executive who gave the brothers an advance on a recording deal. The brothers instructed him to split the money between the band and:
The Penguin
Matt "Guitar" Murphy's wife
Rev. Cleophus
Ray's Music Exchange
18. This song played as the leader of the Illinois Nazis met his doom:
Ride of the Valkyries
O Fortuna
Night on Bald Mountain
Ave Maria
19. This substance meant disaster for The Good Ole Boys' RV:
Chewing gum
20. At the concert, the band played Sweet Home Chicago and which other R&B classic?
Chain of Fools
Everybody Needs Somebody
When a Man Loves a Woman
A Change is Gonna Come
21. During the Think number, "Blue" Lou played the saxophone
Out on the street
While walking on the counter
While flipping burgers
Locked in the storeroom
22. When we last see Burton Mercer in the film, the police car in which he had been riding had crashed into a/n:
23. Jake is seen without his glasses in the film:
  1. At the concert
  2. In the presence of The Penguin
  3. When talking to the Mystery Woman
C only
A and C
B and C
B only
24. During the performance of Minnie the Moocher, Curtis' clothes transform from a black suit to a tuxedo of:
Dark blue
25. A little-known fact is that this singer has a brief cameo in the film as a soloist for Rev. Cleophus' choir:
Chaka Khan
Roberta Flack
Patti LaBelle
Gladys Knight

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