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How Well Do You Know: Friday Night Lights, Season 4
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1. "East of Dillon": The end of Riggins's very brief flirtation with college life is signified by him:
Throwing his books out of his truck window
Flipping off his professor
Sleeping through an entire class
Asking the registrar's office for a refund
2. "East of Dillon": Eric meets Stan Traub, his soon-to-be assistant coach, when he was working in this department at Sears:
Lawn and garden
Pet supplies
3. "After the Fall": Buddy showed Eric _________, which led to the transfer of Luke from West Dillon to East Dillon:
A mailbox
A water bill
Voter registration record
A cancelled check
4. "After the Fall": Following the forfeit, a man (played by former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach) that Eric meets at a gas station tells him he had lost his:
Lion pride
Piss and vinegar
Inner pirate
Warrior spirit
5. "In the Skin of a Lion": Eric runs a sort of end-around on Tami to pay for new uniforms for the team, which were necessary because the old uniforms:
Were stolen by the Panthers
Did not properly fit any of the Lions
Had been burned
Were "wussy loser colors"
6. "In the Skin of a Lion": When Coach promotes (?) Landry to punter, this person helps Landry get over his punting cluelessness:
7. "A Sort of Homecoming": Julie takes a friend of hers to a gay bar, where she unexpectedly runs into:
Billy Riggins
Becky's mom
The East Dillon principal
8. "A Sort of Homecoming": This person informs Matt that his father was killed:
His grandmother
9. "The Son": In a light moment during a very heavy episode, when Billy use the nickname _______ for Matt, Tim countered with:
Annihilator / Laser
The Man / Mongoose
Mayday / Cobra
Matchbox / Tripwire
10. "The Son": Matt's dad died:
By friendly fire
By sniper fire
On his way home at the end of his tour
11. "Stay": Julie asked her parents if she could go to a music festival with Matt. They said no, so of course she went anyway. In which city was the festival?
12. "Stay": Whose song "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" plays during the end of the episode as Tim absorbs Lyla's departure and Matt departs Dillon?
Pearl Jam
Bob Dylan
Sam Cooke
The Talking Heads
13. "In the Bag": Police arrive at East Dillon to search Vince's locker because they had received a report that he was in possession of:
Stolen jewelery
A stolen wallet
A gun
14. "In the Bag": One of the Dillon teachers kisses Tami when they are out:
At karaoke
At a movie
At a football game
15. "The Toilet Bowl": Tami and Julie travel to this city to look at colleges:
Washington, DC
Los Angeles
16. "The Toilet Bowl": Buddy got air time on a radio station called ___________ for broadcasts of Lions games:
El Guapo
El Hombre
El Fuego
El Amigo
17. "The Lights of Carroll Park": Eric seeks to get the lights in Carroll Park turned on after he sees:
Vince beaten up while playing basketball in the park
A boy shot there
A carjacking
An editorial in the newspaper
18. "The Lights of Carroll Park": We learn Becky is pregnant from her conversation with:
Her mother
The manufacturer of the pregnancy test
19. "I Can't": When the junk yard wouldn't take any more stripped cars, the Riggins brothers ultimately decide to do what with the stripped bodies?
Dig a big whole and bury them
Haul them into the lake
Drive them off a cliff
Leave them on train tracks
20. "Injury List": Becky asking Tim to watch ________ led Becky's mom to kick Tim out of the trailer:
Thelma and Louise
Never Been Kissed
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
21. "Injury List": What was the name of Vince's friend who was shot and killed?
22. "Laboring": Billy was originally ejected from the delivery room for being:
Too enthusiastic
23. "Laboring": Landry's idea to use these items to gently vandalize the Panthers' field set the dominoes in motion which cost the Lions a home game against Dillon:
Toy soldiers
Actually, dominoes
24. "Thanksgiving": Which family wasn't represented at the Taylors' Thanksgiving dinner?
25. "Thanksgiving": Which two items of significance changed hands during the episode?
A snowglobe and a lighter
A keychain and a snowglobe
A football and a guitar pick
A keychain and a football

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