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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Label Maker
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1. Tim Whatley gives Jerry a label maker after Jerry offers him _____.
Stand Up tickets
Movie tickets
Super Bowl tickets
Yankees tickets
2. Jerry suspects Tim Whatley re-gifted the label maker because he never liked the gift to begin with. Why?
Because Tim never gave Elaine a thank-you note for the gift
Because Tim stopped giving Elaine free dental work
Because Tim says he's waiting for the right time to use it whenever Elaine asks about it
Because Tim repeated the name of the gift when he received it
3. A hilarious game of Risk begins between Kramer and Newman. Where do they play a majority of the game?
Jerry's apartment
Elaine's apartment
Kramer's apartment
4. It's Jerry's apartment. Because Jerry looks after the board for Kramer and Newman, Kramer calls Jerry _____.
Costa Rica
Vatican City
5. Jerry suspects Newman is in his apartment after he hears _____ fall to the ground.
Risk pieces
6. If it were socially acceptable, George would drape himself in _____.
7. Tim Whatley offers one of his Super Bowl tickets to Elaine. Why?
Because she gave him the label maker
Because she asked him to go upstairs after a date
Because she gave him a one-month membership to her gym
Because she admitted to really liking football
8. While playing Rish on the subway, Kramer calls this nation weak, feeble and a road apple.
9. The new girl George is seeing has a male roommate, which George finds odd. Even more, the roommate looks a lot like _____.
10. Eventually, the roommate is forced to move out, which terrifies George because he realizes that the girl made a huge life change for him. What does George do to get out of the new relationship?
He gives back a sweater that the girl gave to him
He suggests they have a threesome
He suggests they play Risk
He simply bails

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