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How Well Do You Know: The Big Bang Theory: Season 3
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1. "The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation": What movie does Penny remind Sheldon that he missed while in Antarctica?
Terminator Salvation
Star Trek
Land of the Lost
Transformers 2
2. "The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation": What color cowboy hat does Howard buy when they get to Texas?
3. "The Jiminy Conjecture": What name do Raj & Howard give the cricket they found?
4. "The Gothowitz Deviation": Sheldon tries to train Penny using what kind of food?
Jelly Beans
Swedish Fish
5. "The Gothowitz Deviation": Sheldon wakes up to find Penny in the kitchen making french toast. Why is he upset by that?
It's oatmeal day
She used the wrong bread
He's worried it will interupt his watching Dr. Who
He hates french toast
6. "The Pirate Solution": After finding out he might be deported which food does Raj say he'll miss most of all?
Beef Patties
Hamburger Helper
Big Mac
7. "The Pirate Solution": We learn in this episode that Raj's work has hit a dead end and he might be deported. Which of the following was Raj doing instead of working for the last six months?
Watching videos on Hulu
Messing up Wikipedia entries
Creating a new superhero
Reading comics
8. "The Creepy Candy Coating": Sheldon travels 10 hours by bus to meet Wil Wheaton at Dixie-Con '95 in which state?
9. "The Creepy Candy Coating": Sheldon quotes what movie, that Wil Wheaton wasn't in, throughout the episode?
Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Wrath of Khan
10. "The Cornhusker Vortex": We see Sheldon making toast with an image burned into it. What is the image of?
A Cylon
A Stormtroopers Helmet
Boba Fett
11. "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency": Penny thinks she has the Chinese character for courage tattooed on her right butt cheek. What does the character really stand for?
12. "The Vengeance Formulation": Who does Howard fantasize is in the bath with him?
Summer Glau
Kristen Bell
Morena Baccarin
Katie Sackhoff
13. "The Gorilla Experiment": Which brand of peas does Howard yell to his mom always goes with lamb stew?
Del Monte
Green Giant
Le Sueur
14. "The Maternal Congruence": Leonard learns that Sheldon and his mother have been keeping in touch for a while and that Sheldon knows more about his family than he does. Which of the following events is *not* something Leonard learns about after Sheldon?
His dog died
His mom is moving to California
His parents are divorcing
His brother got engaged
15. "The Psychic Vortex": What does Raj give Sheldon to get him to go with him to the school mixer?
Hulk fists
Darth Vader helmet
Green Lantern's lantern
Iron Man limited edition figurine
16. "The Psychic Vortex": What language does Sheldon start to teach himself while waiting for his new operating system to load?
17. "The Bozeman Reaction": After Leonard and Sheldon's apartment gets robbed Sheldon researches safe places to live. To which state does Sheldon attempt to move to?
18. "The Bozeman Reaction": During Sheldon's goodbye video he says, "The four of you are three of my closest friends and one treasured acquaintance." Who is the acquaintance?
19. "The Einstein Approximation": Sheldon hasn't slept a wink because of a problem he's having with his work. Because of a lack of sleep, what does Sheldon accidentally use for deodorant?
Shaving cream
Hair gel
20. "The Einstein Approximation": Raj wants to go roller skating after learning it's disco night. When Leonard and Howard are told they decide to make it a double date. Howard says he can go with them to which Raj responds, "No, it's okay. I'm happy just to guide you and your ladies to suitable entertainment choices. I'm a walking _______". Fill in the blank.
21. "The Large Hadron Collision": Which of the following items is *not* used by Leonard to describe to Penny where he's taking her for Valentine's day?
Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Roll
Swiss Cheese
22. "The Precious Fragmentation": Instead of getting Chinese food as planned, the four guys wind up buying a box of items at a garage sale after following someone they thought was a former TV star. Who did they think they were following?
Adam West
William Shatner
Burt Ward
George Takai
23. "The Spaghetti Catalyst": While sitting around the apartment eating Chinese food, Raj asks Howard if he thinks he's going to go to hell for eating sweet and sour pork. Howard responds, "Jews don't have hell. We have _______."
Acid Reflux
24. "The Spaghetti Catalyst": Which Disney character gives Sheldon nightmares?
25. "The Lunar Excitation": Which of these common phrases does Raj misunderstand?
Fall off the wagon
A penny saved is a penny earned
Get back on the horse
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

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