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How Well Do You Know: Pixar Feature Films
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1. Auguste Gusteau wrote a cookbook whose title embodied his generous spirit. What was the book called?
From the Heart to the Table
Anyone Can Cook
Cuisine For All
A Pot Full of Happiness
2. In Monsters, Inc., the code "2319" signified:
That a certain child could no longer be scarred
That the Scare Floor had just been painted
Monster-human contact
There was a new all-time Scare Leader
3. In A Bug's Life, what was the name of Hopper's rabid "enforcer"?
4. Which role in a Pixar feature did John Rateznberger not play?
Francis the Ladybug
The Abominable Snowman
Construction Foreman Tom
5. Put the films these movies represent in order of release, from earliest to latest:
C - D - A - B
B - D - C - A
D - B - A - C
A - D - B - C
6. "The ______ is our master!"
7. In WALL-E, what did EVE stand for?
Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator
Environment Verification Earth-class
Earthbound Validation Equipment
Experimental Vision Estimator
8. Which actor did not provide vocal talent for the original Toy Story film?
Don Rickles
Wallace Shawn
Kelsey Grammer
Jim Varney
9. All those Pixar films to have won the Oscar for Animated Feature, please step forward. Not so fast,
Finding Nemo
Monsters, Inc.
By way of explanation.....
The original Shrek film on the Oscar the year that Monsters, Inc. was nominated
10. What was the name of the show that Woody, Jessie and Stinky Pete appeared on in Toy Story 2?
The Saturday Morning Wild West Jamboree
The Woody and Jessie Show
Woody's Wild West Wevue
Woody's Roundup
11. Of the following, the only film in which most of the action took place in the USA was:
12. In terms of running time, this was Pixar's shortest feature, at 80 minutes:
The Incredibles
Toy Story
Finding Nemo
By way of explanation.....
Running time for The Incredibles was 115 minutes; Toy Story: 80; Up: 96; Finding Nemo: 100
13. Finding the EAC was critical to the journey that took place in:
Finding Nemo
Toy Story 2
14. Randy Newman has provided music for many Pixar films. Which of the below matches the Newman song with the film in which it appears?
"When She Loved Me" - Up
"Our Town" - Cars
"If I Didn't Have You" - Toy Story
"You've Got a Friend in Me" - A Bug's Life
15. Andrew Stanton directed two Pixar films that won Best Animated Feature Oscars (for WALL-E and Finding Nemo). The other man who did this was:
Pete Docter
Brad Bird
John Lasseter
Lee Unkrich
By way of explanation.....
The Brad Bird-directed Ratatouille and The Incredibles both won Animated Feature Oscars
16. Along with Jack-Jack, the names of Bob and Helen Parr's children in The Incredibles are:
Violet and Dash
Trudy and Niles
Trudy and Dash
Violet and Niles
17. Which of these Pixar villains dies at the end of the film in which they appeared?
  1. Syndrome (The Incredibles)
  2. Randall (Monsters, Inc.)
  3. Charles F. Muntz (Up)
A only
B and C
A and C
A and B
By way of explanation.....
Randall didn't die in Monsters, Inc., but was instead last seen being beaten with a shovel by a woman who mistook him for a gator
18. At the end of Monsters, Inc., one of the objects that Boo gives to Sully in her room which refers to another Pixar film is:
A clown fish
A robot
A super-hero doll
A stuffed rat
19. In Finding Nemo, each of the following supplied a voice for a creature in the dentist's fish tank, except for:
Willem Dafoe
Eric Bana
Stephen Root
Allison Janney
By way of explanation.....
Eric Bana provided the voice of Anchor, one of the three sharks that Marlin and Dory encounter
20. Since 2003, Cars is the only Pixar feature that:
Did not feature the voice of John Ratzenberger
To be nominated for, but not to win, the Animated Feature Oscar
Did not make more than $300 million worldwide
Did not feature a Randy Newman song
By way of explanation.....
Cars made more than $400 million, though it is the lowest-earning Pixar feature since 2001.
21. As of June 2010, which of the following has provided voice work for more than one Pixar feature?
Owen Wilson
Brad Garrett
Jason Lee
Christopher Plummer
By way of explanation.....
Garrett voiced Bloat the puffer fish in Finding Nemo and Auguste Gusteau in Ratatouille
22. Which Pixar feature once had the working title Hidden City? (This question and the next suggested by Jerry Simpson)
The Incredibles
Monsters, Inc.
23. Every Pixar film contains some reference to "A113." To what does A113 refer?
The model of the computer originally used to render Pixar animation
The patent number for a Pixar rendering process
The classroom in which several Pixar animators studied
The original name for Luxo Jr., the hopping desk lamp used as the Pixar logo.
By way of explanation.....
Per Wikipedia: 'A113 is an Easter egg.... as a homage to a classroom at CalArts, the alma mater of Pixar/Disney executive John Lasseter and director Brad Bird, among others.'
24. This pair of Pixar features had the best domestic opening and the best worldwide box office, respectively: (Thanks to David Mumpower for this information)
Toy Story 2 / Monsters, Inc.
Ratatouille / Cars
Finding Nemo / WALL-E
The Incredibles / Finding Nemo
25. Each of these characters from a Pixar feature is voiced by someone who won an acting Oscar, except for:
Anton Ego
Nigel the Pelican
Henry J. Waternoose
By way of explanation.....
Peter O'Toole won an honorary Oscar, but not an acting one; Geoffrey Rush, James Coburn and Holly Hunter each won an acting Oscar

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