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1. What actor's name appears first in the title credits at the opening of the film?
Sam Worthington
Sigourney Weaver
It's actually director James Cameron
Wait, there were no title credits
2. Jake Sully is called a bunch of offensive names due to being in a wheelchair. What is NOT one of them?
Meals on Wheels
Hot Rod
Speedy Gonzales
Special K
3. What candy does Col. Quaritch compare the mercenaries eyes to in his safety brief?
Milk Duds
4. Dr. Grace Augustine is a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants. What's her first complaint?
Who's got her cigarette?
Why is Norm's Na'vi too formal?
Why can't Jake just do his video logs?
When will Trudy come back in the helicopter?
5. Unobtainium isn't -really- what the gray rocks they're mining are called. It's just the nickname. Regardless, how much are they going for a kilo?
1 million
5 million
10 million
20 million
6. What college is Dr. Augustine supporting by wearing their jersey when we first see her in Avatar form?
7. Where did Col. Quaritch get his ominous looking scratch scar?
8. On Jake's first mission outside base, which of these is the correct sequence of encounters he has with the native creatures?
na'vi, viperwolf, thanator, titanothere,prolemuris
titanothere, viperwolf, na'vi, thanator, prolemuris
titanothere, thanatore, prolemuris, na'vi, viperwolf
prolemuris, titanothere, thanator, viperwolf, na'vi
9. What reason does Neytiri give Jake when he asks why she saved him if she loves her forest friends so much?
She says he has a strong heart.
She has been looking for a mate.
She was sent to learn about the sky people.
She doesn't know why. She just did.
10. How does Moat, Neyteri's mother, first test Jake Sully to decide if he should live?
She reads his palm.
She sticks him with a pin and tastes his blood.
She reads tea leaves.
She connects to him via their braids.
11. I know how much you're just loving these anti-questions. Okay, okay. Last one for now. What is NOT a wise-crack Dr. Grace gives to Jake before closing the door to the Avatar linking system?
"Let your mind go blank. That shouldn't be hard for you."
"Let Norm do the talking."
"Don't trip over your own tail."
"Don't do anything stupid."
12. Who is it that notes Jake working with Col. Quaritch that prompts Dr. Augustine to pack everyone up to go to the Hallelujah Mountains base.
13. As Jake is learning to become one of the people, who is it that explains the important Na'vi phrase, "I see you?"
Dr. Augustine
14. What sign does Neyteri need to witness before she decides Jake is ready to find his Ikran (or as the humans call them, banshee.)
He completes an obstacle course.
He participates in a ceremony at HomeTree.
He beats Tsu'tey at combat.
He hunts a sturmbeest with a clean kill.
15. What is the nickname the Na'vi give the Great Leonopteryx?
Air Monster
Ikran Killer
Last Shadow
Final Darkness
16. Where do Neyteri and Jake make love?
Tree of Souls
Tree of Voices
Tree of Eywa
17. What does Dr. Augustine call Col. Quaritch when he shuts down the mission following Jake being discovered as the one who interrupts the bulldozers path?
G.I. Jarhead
Ranger Rick
skx’awng (moron in Na'vi)
18. Who is it that cuts Jake Sully and Dr. Augustine down, releasing them to help the people once the attack on HomeTree begins?
19. Unfortunately, following the destruction of HomeTree, Jake, Norm, and Dr. Augustine are locked away in the brig. Who rescues them and how?
Trudy delivers more than a unjustified steak dinner.
Neyteri leads a rescue team to the mines.
Aywa is so disturbed, there is an earthquake that sets them free.
Max uses his computer expertise to unlock the door remotely from the Hallelujah Mountains.
20. When Jake returns to the Na'vi people as Toruk Makto at the Tree of Souls what is Neyteri's reaction?
Orders Tsu'tey to attack him.
Orders Tsu'tey to NOT attack him.
Asks him to pray to Aywa for forgiveness.
Tells him, "I see you."
21. So, the big final battle for Pandora begins. Who strikes first?
Tsu'tey takes down a helicopter by piercing its pilot with an arrow.
Jake Sully takes down a helicopter with the Great Leonopteryx.
Ground forces in mecha-suits take aim at Norm riding a direhorse.
Col. Quaritch fires a missle at Trudy's helicopter.
22. And for a far more difficult challenge, which of the following is the correct order in which our heroes fall?
Norm gets shot, Tsu'Tey crashes into the Hallelujah Mountains, Neyteri's banshee is hit and dies, Trudy's helicopter gets destroyed.
Norm gets shot, Neyteri's banshee is hit and dies, Max gets shot, Trudy's helicopter gets destroyed.
Neyteri's banshee is hit and dies, Tsu'Tey falls after boarding one of the payload ships, Trudy's helicopter gets destroyed, Norm gets shot.
Neyteri's banshee is hit and dies, Trudy's helicopter gets destroyed, Norm gets shot, Tsu'Tey falls into one of the payload ships' engine.
23. What is one of the more interesting things that is happening to Col. Quaritch as he is trying to escape the crashing payload ship?
He is in avatar form.
One of his legs has been blown off.
His arm is on fire.
He is carrying Parker on his back.
24. As the action draws to a close, how does Col. Quaritch finally get defeated?
Max stabs him in the back.
Jake Sully stabs him in the neck.
He suffocates, unable to breathe on Pandora without a mask.
Neyteri shoots him with arrows.
25. What's the last thing Jake does before he goes to celebrate his 'birthday' and become fully integrated with his avatar?
Records a final video log.
Returns to the mine to kill Parker.
Visits the destroyed HomeTree to pay respects.
Throws his wheelchair off a cliff.

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