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How Well Do You Know: Friday Night Lights
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1. Permian's team colors are:
Black and white
Black and red
Blue and yellow
White and blue
2. Boobie Miles' guardian is his:
Older brother
3. Billy Bob Thorton gives a great, understated performance as head coach Gary Gaines, whose mantra throughout the film is:
Excel always
Overcome everything
Be perfect
No mercy
4. Permian High School is in which Texas city?
Texas City
5. The father of which of the players had previously won a state championship?
Boobie Miles
Mike Winchell
Don Billingsley
Brian Chavez
6. On the front of the the Panthers' helmet was this word, a nickname for the team:
7. Billingsley is making out with a girl when his father walks in on them. What does the elder Billingsley do?
Beats him with a belt
Burns him with a cigarette
Duct tapes a football to his hands
Kicks the girl out
8. Mike Winchell cracks a smile for one of the only times in the movie when Boobie spoofs which comedian?
Bill Cosby
Eddie Murphy
Richard Pryor
Johnny Carson
9. What mistake led to Boobie getting injured?
Winchell threw an interception
Chris Comer couldn't find his helmet
Chavez missed a block
Billingsley ran the wrong route
10. Coach Gaines faced considerable criticism following Boobie getting injured because:
Gaines had Boobie playing defense when he was in
The Panthers ran an untested play when Boobie was injured
Boobie was still playing with the game well in hand
Boobie was playing merely to pad his statistics
11. The Panthers' first game after Boobie's injury resulted in:
The Panthers winning easily
The Panthers winning a squeaker
The Panthers losing on the last play of the game
The Panthers getting blown out
12. The townspeople reacted to the Panthers first loss by:
Firing guns in the street outside Gaines' house
Posting realty signs on Gaines' lawn
Draping black sheets over the trees in front of Gaines' house
Circulating a petition calling for Gaines' firing
13. The Panthers were down 14-0 in their second game after Boobie was injured, when this the play of this team member ignited the Panthers:
14. An MRI of Boobie's knee shows damage to the ACL. When the doctor tells Boobie that he won't be able to play, Boobie reacts with:
Quiet resignation
Existential angst
15. The game in which Boobie returns only to be re-injured resulted in:
Permian's disqualification from the playoffs
A victory which resulted in Permian being in a three-way tie
A loss which resulted in Permian being in a three-way tie
A victory which resulted in Permian qualifying for the playoffs
16. Billingsley drives home from a game when his father, riding in the back seat,
Kicked out a window from the car
Flicked a lit cigarette at his son
Made his son drive blindfolded
Struck his son, causing a car accident
17. The coin flip that decided which teams would go to the playoffs was held at:
Permian High School
A truck stop
The district office
A TV station
18. While Permian begins to advance through the playoffs, the film also shows clips of the Panther's eventual opponents for State, Dallas ________:
19. On the eve of State, Gaines is told in no uncertain terms:
That Boobie will be able to play the following year
That his job depends on him winning State
Mike Winchell has been arrested
That he'll be fired whether or not he wins State
20. The Dallas team's uniforms are primarily
21. State is played at:
Permian's home field
Texas stadium
The Astrodome
The Cotton Bowl
22. Permian lost the game when this type of play fell just short:
A Winchell scramble
A Comer run
A Billingsley reception
A halfback pass to Winchell
23. With the season over, what did Gaines do to symbolize the the graduating seniors moving on?
Took their name plates off their lockers
Scratched out their names in his notebook
Removed their name tags from the depth chart board
Blacked out their uniform numbers from his playbook
24. A note on the screen at the end of the film stated that:
Gaines was fired following the season
Permian won the State Championship the following year
Permian went undefeated the next year but again lost to Dallas Carter in the playoffs
Boobie Miles went through rehabilitation and returned to play for Permian the following year
25. Brad Leland, who plays Buddy Garrity in the Friday Night Lights TV series, has a small role as a booster in the film. Which of the other actors who plays a primary role in the TV series also appeared in the film in a lesser capacity?
Connie Britton
Kyle Chandler
Taylor Kitsch
Zach Gilford

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