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How Well Do You Know: Rocky
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1. What is the name of the boxer who needs to drop out of the upcoming Bicentennial fight with Apollo Creed after suffering an injury?
Buddy Shaw
Ernie Roman
Mac Lee Green
Spider Rico
2. Why does Mickey tells Rocky to stop messing around with Adrian during training?
"Sex is overrated."
"She's a dumb broad."
"Why not? Just do what I say."
"Women weaken legs."
3. What meat packing plant does Paulie work at?
Broad Street Meat Co.
Northeast Beef and Chicken
Patrick's Packing Plant
Shamrock Meats, Inc.
4. How long has Rocky been in the same locker in the gym before Mickey kicks him out?
4 years
6 years
8 years
10 years
5. Rocky tells Adrian "you've gotta be a _____" to want to be a fighter.
6. What does Rocky tell Adrian is the worst thing about fighting?
The morning after
Waiting to fight again
7. What is the name of the dog from the pet shop that Adrian gives to Rocky?
8. What former heavyweight champion makes a guest appearance in the ring, just prior to the main event?
George Foreman
Joe Frazier
Muhammad Ali
Rocky Marciano
9. According to the announcer, how many fights has Rocky lost prior to his match with Apollo?
10. Where do Rocky and Adrian go on their first date?
Ice skating
On a picnic
11. What problem does Rocky point out on his banner at the arena, the night before the fight?
He looks right-handed
His hair is too long
His name is spelled wrong
His shorts are the wrong color
12. What type of beer does Rocky drink at the Lucky Seven Tavern?
13. Under what pretense does Rocky first meet with Apollo Creed's promotor, Miles Jergens?
To ask about meeting his hero, Apollo
To be Apollo's sparring partner
To get the money that Gazzo is owed
To serve as a bodyguard for Apollo on fight night
14. How much does Rocky earn for the championship bout?
15. Which composer wrote the thrilling music for the film?
Bill Conti
Jerry Goldsmith
John Williams
Randy Newman
16. What are Rocky's last words to Adrian before the big fight?
"Don't leave town."
"I love you."
"Is this robe too baggy?"
"No fooling around."
17. Which "bum," as Mickey calls him, does Rocky fight at the beginning of the movie?
Buddy Shaw
Ernie Roman
Mac Lee Green
Spider Rico
18. Which real-life boxing bout inspired Stallone's screenplay?
James Braddock vs. Max Baer
Joe Louis vs. Jersey Joe Walcott
Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner
Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake Lamotta
19. How many knockdowns are there in the championship bout?
20. What building is located at the famous steps that Rocky runs up while he is training?
Art museum
City Hall
Police headquarters

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