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How Well Do You Know: Party Down: Season Two
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Love this show - to bad it got cancelled.
betamaxxx 7/7/10 12:34 am


1. "Jackal Onassis Backstage Party": Henry admits to a Satanist that his girlfriend, Uda, enjoys this television show.
Private Practice
The Mentalist
Law & Order
Criminal Minds
2. "Jackal Onassis Backstage Party": Lydia's ex, Ed, calls these people "Jew faggots."
3. "Precious Lights Pre-School Auction": Finish the line: "_____ is a grown man who wears eyeliner and plays make believe."
Tom Hanks
David Spade
Tom Cruise
Will Smith
4. "Precious Lights Pre-School Auction": The auction's fundraising goal is set at this amount.
5. "Nick DiCintio's Orgy Night": Henry sticks Casey on garbage duty. Why?
She's uncomfortable catering an orgy
She asks about Uda
She doesn't want to work near Lydia
She needs to be able to book important casting calls
6. "Nick DiCintio's Orgy Night": Who helps the orgy's host create the ideal orgy atmosphere?
7. "James Ellison Funeral": Ronald is depressed, and makes no effort to hide it. Even more, Henry and Casey soon learn that he's been listening to _____ on repeat.
"Dust in the Wind"
"Don't Speak"
"We Can Work it Out"
"You Oughta Know"
8. "James Ellison Funeral": James' widow says she isn't surprised when she's introduced to his former mistress for two reason. One, James and his widow had an open relationship. And two, _____.
The mistress is poor
The mistress is short
The mistress isn't asian
The mistress isn't deaf
9. "Steve Guttenberg's Birthday": Ronald says the take away message from being locked in a coffin in this.
"Don't leave without keys"
"Don't drift through life"
"Don't forget your roots"
"Don't perspire"
10. "Steve Guttenberg's Birthday": Ronald invites his AA partner to the party. Why?
To help him study a user's manual
To read one of the parts of Roman's screenplay
To free a shrimp from an aquarium's filter pump
To fill in for Lydia, who had to leave work early
11. "Steve Guttenberg's Birthday": Steve has a piece of art in his home that depicts a man trying to have sex with a _____.
12. "Not On Your Wife Opening Night": Ron calls it "a little light bathroom reading." What?
Management Secrets of the CIA
The 9/11 Commission Report
You and the You Inside You
The Bible
13. "Not On Your Wife Opening Night": To help save the theater, Kyle says he'll romance a wealthy female patron. Only problem is he propositions the wrong woman, who also turns out to be kind of a freak. While doing the nasty, for example, she makes Kyle wear a _____ mask.
14. "Not On Your Wife Opening Night": Ron thinks Lydia has the hots for him. He bases most of this off of one thing. What?
She compliments him on his new haircut
He catches her looking at his ass
She asks him what car he drives
He asks her what kind of men she likes, and Lydia says, "Men named Ron"
15. "Party Down Company Picnic": Kyle says: "You know, usually when we handle the food, we don't use our vaginas." Why?
He's served cold food
He isn't served what he ordered
He finds a fly in his food
He finds hair in his food
16. "Party Down Company Picnic": Who said it? "Don't stop eating. I just need a hot dog's moment of your time."
17. "Party Down Company Picnic": Lydia forces her daughter into singing the National Anthem before a kickball game to help get her a gig as a singing _____.
18. "Joel Munt's Big Deal Party": Lydia confuses Joel Munt, played by Paul Scheer, with this actor.
Ron Howard
Ed Harris
John Malkovich
Steve Martin
19. "Joel Munt's Big Deal Party": Who said it? "Kyle's just like Owen Wilson. Except look at that nose *whisk* straight as an arrow."
20. "Joel Munt's Big Deal Party": Henry spends the entire episode trying to break into the Party Down van. He finally gets in. How?
He enlists Ron to break through a window
He busts through the ceiling
He finds the keys on the ground
He calls AAA
21. "Cole Landry's Draft Day Party": Finish Lydia's line: "Do any of you even live in America? Am I the only one here who's ever been in a _____? Good gravy!"
Best Buy
22. "Cole Landry's Draft Day Party": Matt Walsh plays a guy in Cole Landry's camp who gets an urgent call from his wife. He declines to help out with the matter. What happened?
His wife's in labor
His son swallowed a quarter
His daughter got a bloody nose
A hamster bit one of his kids
23. "Cole Landry's Draft Day Party": Roman gets interrupted during an explanation of the difference between irony and _____.
24. "Constance Carmell Wedding": According to Constance's husband-to-be, _____ has the flanks of a horsewoman.
25. "Constance Carmell Wedding": Kyle wrote a song for Constance's wedding. What's it called?
"My Struggle"
"My Surrender"
"My Shame"
"My Story"

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