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How Well Do You Know: Good Will Hunting
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i think question 21 has two correct answers because will mentions taking their kids to foley field together which is obviously in boston, so you can make a valid argument that hang around boston is correct too
seantom1983 9/22/10 11:22 pm


1. Gerald Lambeau's students ask him while he's at his M.I.T. Class Reunion to identify the student who solved the difficult math problem he had put up on a blackboard days prior. What year did Prof. Lambeau graduate?
2. Will's friend Morgan wants something immediately - their friend Chuckie says Morgan can put it on layaway and get it once it's paid off. What is it?
a new jacket
a car stereo
a hamburger
a six-pack of beer
3. What is the name of the man Will beats to a pulp on the basketball court, thereby leading to his arrest?
Carmine Scarpaglia
Richard Lombardi
Giovanni Mancini
Anthony Romano
4. What is the name of the "Michael Bolton clone" at the Harvard bar who embarrasses Chuckie but is made to look like a fool by Will?
5. Skylar hopes she and Will can meet for coffee some time. What does Will think is just as arbitrary as meeting for coffee?
meeting for lunch
eating caramels
meeting at a bar for a drink
playing mini golf
6. Where are the Michael Bolton clone and his friends when Will shows him proof that he was given Skylar's phone number?
Dunkin Donuts
Tim Horton's
Honeydew Donuts
7. What is Will's bail set at?
8. How many therapists does Will see before he meets Sean Maguire?
9. Why did Gerry Lambeau feel that Sean and Will might be a 'good fit'?
They are both die-hard Red Sox fans
They are both mathematical geniuses
They are both from the same neighborhood
Sean used to date Will's (now deceased) mother
10. Where is Sean teaching when Gerry approaches him re: Will?
Harvard University
Bunker Hill College
Northeastern University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
11. How do Gerry and Sean know each other?
They had been best friends since childhood
They both dated the woman who would become Sean's wife
They were college roommates
They were colleagues at Bunker Hill College
12. During their first meeting, Sean puts Will up against a wall for...what?
using too many profanities
insulting Sean and his line of work
refusing to speak a word to Sean
disrespecting Sean's wife
13. Where is Skylar going to grad school after graduating from Harvard?
she is staying at Harvard
14. Where do Sean and Will meet for their next talk, where Sean informs Will that reading about experiences in books is not the same as actually experiencing them?
Boston Public Garden
Fenway Park
on the Orange Line of the T (subway)
the Bunker Hill monument
15. Will calls Skylar but hangs up on her shortly after calling, without saying a word. Who does Skylar suspect might be calling her?
Professor Valenti
Clark, the jerk from the bar
her father
16. Will finishes Skylar's homework so they can go out. Where does he take her?
a Bruins game
the movies
the dog track
the bar at Dick's Last Resort
17. When was the day that Sean says he knew his wife was the woman for him?
Game 6 of the 1975 World Series
the day she told him she loved him
the day the Vietnam War ended
Richard Nixon's resignation day
18. While in a bar disagreeing over the best course of action re: Will's treatment, Sean tells Gerry a story about a brilliant mathematician. Who was the story about?
Albert Einstein
John Nash
Stephen Hawking
Ted Kaczynski
19. Will sends Chuckie in his place to a meeting about a job so he can take Skylar on a date. How much money does Chuckie manage to get out of the business associates as a "retainer" before he leaves?
20. After telling Sean he has broken up with Skylar, Sean asks Will what he wants to be. What is Will's response?
a shepherd
a nobody
an astronaut
21. What does Will tell Chuckie he wants to do for the rest of his life, much to Chuckie's dismay?
work construction
hang out around Boston
absolutely nothing
tend bar
22. What do Will's friends get him for his 21st birthday?
$500 cash
a cake
a car
nothing but a "Happy Birthday"
23. Sean decides to start living his life again, and makes plans to travel. Which location does he NOT mention as a place he will be visiting?
24. Which company does Will turn down a job with in order to find Skylar in California?
25. How many Oscars did Good Will Hunting win at the 1998 Academy Awards?

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