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How Well Do You Know: Damages, Season 3
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1. What holiday was pivotal in the timeline of the Tobin case?
New Years
2. At various points during the season, we get a glimpse of the car which rammed Patty's vehicle. An object in what shape was seen on the dashboard of the assailant's car?
Fuzzy dice
Statue of Liberty
Peace sign
3. Martin Short was surprisingly great as Leonard Winstone. Born to Albert Wiggins, Winstone's actual birthname was:
4. A homeless man who appears in several episodes is key throughout the season. If you weren't paying attention, you would have missed the few times that Tom referred to the man by his name. What was it?
5. "Your Secrets Are Safe": What color of car was Patty driving when another car crashed into her in the season premiere?
6. "Your Secrets Are Safe": Approximately how much time elapsed between the day that Tom was promoted to partner by Patty and the day of Patty's car accident?
18 months
3 months
6 months
12 months
7. "Your Secrets Are Safe": In the season premiere, Joe Tobin assaulted someone. Who?
His father
Tom Shayes
A homeless man
A plaintiff in the case against the Tobins
8. "The Dog Is Happier Without Her": Who suggested to Detective Huntley that Ellen and Tom were having an affair?
Tom's wife
A homeless man
The DA prosecutor Curtis Gates
9. "The Dog Is Happier Without Her": Tom learned that he had lost all his wealth from:
An investigator working for Patty
Joe Tobin
10. "Flight's at 11:08": The title of the episode referred to a flight that which character was supposed to take?
Danielle Marchetti
Joe Tobin
Stuart Zedeck
Marilyn Tobin
11. "Flight's at 11:08": Which two characters actually made it to the airport?
Joe and Patty
Joe and Danielle
Ellen and Tom
Patty and Leonard
12. "Don't Throw That at the Chicken": Joe has had a problem abusing this substance:
Whatever he can score off of Ellen's sister
13. "Don't Throw That at the Chicken": Louis Tobin does himself in by:
Shooting himself
Throwing himself out a window
OD'ing on pills
Poisoning his tea
14. "It's Not My Birthday": Dead Uncle Pete Sighting! Patty has a dream in which her dead employee presents her with something - an image of which plagues Patty throughout the season. What was Uncle Pete's gift?
A horse
A baby
A snow globe
A boquet of black roses
15. "It's Not My Birthday": Who killed Danielle Marchetti?
Carol Tobin
Joe Tobin
Leonard Winstone
Stuart Zedeck
16. "Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck": Wallace Shawn had a great cameo as a man Patty had tried for fraud. In exchange for insight into fraud perpetration, Patty had Alex provide Shawn's character with:
A razor
Dental floss
17. "Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck": Ellen ended her assessment of Alex for Patty by saying:
I didn't say I liked her
Don't make the same mistake twice
She'll do for you the kinds of things I wouldn't
She's the best that you could hope for
18. "You Haven't Replaced Me": The Tobins' money was funneled through a bank in the Caribbean country:
Turks and Caicos
19. "You Haven't Replaced Me": Leonard Winstone receives an unwelcome piece of news during the episode. What is it?
He is about to be disbarred
Death threats have been made against the Tobins
Documents left behind by Louis Tobin implicated Winstone in the fraud
His mother has been dead for five months
20. "I Look Like Frankenstein": Arthur Frobisher re-enters the series, touting a supposedly humanitarian endeavor named:
Humans for Humanity
Peace Force
Endless Table
The Whirlwind Initiative
21. "Drive It Through Hardcore": Leonard finds someone who appears on the verge of suicide. Who?
Tessa Marchetti
Carol Tobin
Joe Tobin
Marilyn Tobin
22. "Drive It Through Hardcore": The producer making Frobisher's movie has this problem with the script:
She thinks Patty has been depicted too harshly
She thinks Patty hasn't been depicted harshly enough
She wants the main character to be Patty, not Frobisher
She thinks the script should make no mention of Patty at all
23. "Tell Me I'm Not Racist": What was the name of the charitable foundation at the center of the Tobin case?
The Hope for Tomorrow Initiative
The Rainforest Conservatory
The Fund for Africa's Future
Tanzania Now
24. "All That Crap About Your Family": Who knew that Tessa was Joe's daughter, and yet deliberately withheld this information from Joe?
Marilyn Tobin
Stuart Zedeck
25. "All That Crap About Your Family": Assassinated along with Tessa Marchetti was:
A man who worked for Zedeck
A member of the Tobin family
An employee of a Caribbean bank
A man who worked for Patty
26. "You Were His Little Monkey": Patty learns that Tom has lost all his money to the Tobins from:
Joe Tobin
The judge overseeing the case
Tom himself
27. "You Were His Little Monkey": Leonard Winstone's ability to access the Tobin money at the end of the episode was predicated on the fact that:
Leonard blackmailed Joe
Tom threatened to kill Marilyn
Winstone was actually a blood member of the Tobin family
The man who disbursed the money never met Stuart Zedeck
28. "You Were His Little Monkey": How much did Jill demand from Patty to leave Michael's life?
$1 million
29. "The Next One's Gonna Go In Your Throat": Each of these suffered some sort of serious trauma in Winstone's loft used by Tom, except for:
Ben Di Folco
30. "The Next One's Gonna Go In Your Throat": In the finale, someone died via each of the following, except for:

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