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How Well Do You Know: (500) Days of Summer
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1. Where is Tom Hansen from?
New Jersey
2. Tom's belief that he'd never be happy until he found 'the one' was due to exposure to sad British pop music, and a total misreading of what movie?
Annie Hall
Gone with the Wind
The Graduate
3. Where did Summer Finn recently move to Los Angeles from?
4. Since her parents' divorce, Summer loved only two things: her long, dark hair, and how easily she could _________ and feel nothing.
cut it off
dye it
bleach it
shave it off
5. On what day do Tom and Summer meet?
January 8
February 13
March 15
April 4
6. On Day 290 - post-breakup - Tom's friends say the situation is like one of Tom's ex-girlfriends all over again. What was the name of the girlfriend?
Jennifer Kelley
Julie Glenn
Marie Connolly
Amanda Heller
7. What is Tom doing to relieve tension when his sister Rachel comes over to listen to the story of the breakup?
batting practice in the back yard
drinking whiskey
smashing plates on the kitchen floor
drawing moustaches on pictures of Summer
8. What is Tom served at the diner while being dumped by Summer?
chicken pot pie
pancakes and sausage
spaghetti and meatballs
eggs and toast
9. Where do Tom and Summer work?
investment firm
greeting card company
insurance agency
internet search engine company
10. What band did Summer quote in her senior high school yearbook?
The Beatles
Belle & Sebastian
The Cure
11. What was Tom's major in college?
marine biology
12. Day 154: What song makes Tom think of Summer every time he hears it?
She's Like the Wind
I Want You to Want Me
Endless Love
Wonderful Tonight
13. Summer named her cat after which singer?
Eric Clapton
Bruce Springsteen
Mick Jagger
Billy Joel
14. What song was not sung by Summer, Tom or their co-worker McKenzie at the after-work karaoke?
Sugar Town
Proud to Be An American
Born to Run
Here Comes Your Man
15. Where do Tom and Summer first kiss?
copy room
utility closet
men's room
break room
16. The day after Tom and Summer first have sex, Tom looks at his reflection in a store window. Which character's reflection does he see looking back at him?
James Bond
Danny Ocean
Han Solo
Rhett Butler
17. What does Summer think is the best Beatles song ever recorded?
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
I Am the Walrus
Helter Skelter
Octopus's Garden
18. Where does Tom ask his sister for romantic advice?
her soccer game
her piano recital
outside her school's cafeteria
at a playground
19. What was the nickname of Summer's former boyfriend Fernando?
Vanilla Gorilla
The Puma
The Tiger
20. Tom and Summer decide to leave the museum they're at to see a movie instead. What movie do they see?
21. Poor Tom is very upset after being dumped by Summer, and it is reflected in his work. One of his post-breakup greeting cards reads: "Roses are red, violets are blue, ____________"
f*#k you, whore.
I hope you die.
You shattered my heart.
breakups suck and so do you.
22. Tom and Summer meet up post-breakup on a train - where are they both going?
a wedding
a funeral
an engagement party
a cookout
23. Day 441: Tom heads to the store after finding out Summer is engaged, and buys all but what?
orange juice
Slim Jims
24. What book does Summer tell Tom she was reading when she first met the man who would become her husband?
Pride and Prejudice
The Sun Also Rises
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Great Expectations
25. Day 500: Tom meets a lovely woman named Autumn. Where do they meet?
at the office
at a bar
at a job interview
on a blind date

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