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How Well Do You Know: Breaking Bad: Season Three
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1. "No Mas": About how many people died in the Wayfarer Flight 515 collision?
2. "No Mas": During a campfire rehab session, Jesse learns that the group leader mistakenly killed his _____.
3. "Caballo Sin Nombre": The Cousins visit Uncle Tio and gain valuable information from him through this game.
Ouija board
4. "Caballo Sin Nombre": Walt breaks into the house and takes a shower. What seemingly misplaced item leads Walt to believe he's not alone in the house?
An eyeball
A shoe
A toy truck
5. "I.F.T.": What are Walt and his son doing when the police arrive at the home per Skyler's call?
Playing cards
Watching TV
6. "I.F.T.": What does the letter T stand for in this episode's title?
Tambien (Spanish for "also")
7. "Green Light": Walt confronts Ted, who refuses to speak with Walt in his office. To retaliate, Walt tosses a(n) _____ at a window into Ted's office.
Alarm clock
Potted plant
Trash can
8. "Green Light": After being placed on indefinite leave, Walt meets Jesse in the parking lot of the school. What news does Jesse have for Walt?
That he bought his parents' house
That he cooked blue meth
That he murdered someone
That he's using again
9. "Mas": At a campground, Hank scales an RV and peers through its roof vent. Inside is an older couple. What are they doing?
Playing cards
Eating dinner
Having sex
Watching TV
10. "Mas": Agitated, Jesse storms out of Saul's office and uses a _____ to smash Walt's windshield.
Stop sign
Chunk of concrete
Law book
Recycle bin
11. "Sunset": Walt works his first day at the new lab and meets his assistant, Gale Boetticher. At the end of the day, Gale recites a Walt Whitman poem from memory. What?
"O Captain! My Captain!"
"I Sit and Look Out"
"On the Beach at Night"
"When I Heard The Learn'd Astronomer"
12. "Sunset": With the RV in sight, Hank heads to his car to obtain a warrant to peek inside. Soon after, he receives a call that removes Hank from the junkyard. What does the caller tell Hank?
That he's needed back at the office
That the RV will detonate in two minutes
That his wife is being airlifted to a hospital
That he'll be killed if he investigates any further
13. "One Minute": In a flashback, Tio nearly kills Marco by shoving his head in a tub of icy water. When Leonel hits Tio, Tio releases Marco. What does Tio say to the boys before walking away?
"You're welcome"
"Don't turn back"
"Family is all"
"And that's why you always leave a tub of ice water in the backyard!"
14. "One Minute": In a shopping center parking lot, Hank shoots and kills Marco with the bullet the Cousins received free of charge from a very talkative trucker earlier in the episode. What's the bullet's nickname?
Black Death
Ring of Fire
Hot Pursuit
Evil Metal
15. "I See You": While at the hospital with Hank in critical condition, Marie becomes enraged at the DEA and tells them they're not welcome. Why?
She learns Hank can never get another promotion
She learns that Hank was disarmed at the time of the attack
She learns they requested the attack on Hank
She learns that Hank will never walk again
16. "I See You": Walt blames his inability to meet meth quota on account of Gale. So, he promises Gus that he'll _____.
Have a meeting with Gale
Look into finding Gale's replacement
Deliver a double shipment next week
Deliver a triple shipment next week
17. "Kafkaesque": Saul: "Don't you get it? It's the best money laundry a growing boy could ask for." What's Saul talking about?
A mattress store
A nail salon
A gas station
A farmers' market
18. "Kafkaesque": Who said it? "Something tells me that Hank is here because of you. And I'm not forgetting that."
Walt Jr.
19. "Fly": Walt and Jesse hunt a pesky fly for nearly the entire hour. Where is it resting when Jesse finally kills it?
On a ladder
On a window sill
On a lamp
On Walt's shoe
20. "Fly": Who said it? "We make poison for people who don't care."
21. "Abiquiu": Badger: "Selling to these people, it's like, shooting a baby in the face. It's not natural." Who's he talking about?
Homeless people
College students
NA meeting members
Walt's neighbors
22. "Abiquiu": Skyler isn't impressed by Saul's scheme to launder Walt's money through a _____ business.
Laser tag
Car wash
Pet grooming
Fast food
23. "Half Measures": Referring to Jesse, Mike says to Walt, "No more half measures." This is after Mike tells the story of a _____ he should have killed when he was a cop.
Cocaine user
Gang member
Wife abuser
24. "Full Measure": The finale opens on a flashback to the first time Walt and Skyler tour what would be their home. What's Walt's main complaint about the place?
There isn't enough natural light
There isn't a porch
There aren't enough bedrooms
There isn't a wine cellar
25. "Full Measure": Walt: "You'll have about a twenty-minute lead. They've got me at the laundry, and they're going to kill me. Jesse, do it now!" Do what?
Kill Gus
Kill Gale
Flee New Mexico
Interrupt Gus' drug deal

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