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How Well Do You Know: Clash of the Titans (1981)
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Clash of the Titans quiz

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That shot of Medusa is daring all to take the quiz. This was fun. And I hope the remake is good, too.
M1KEL0VESMOVIES 3/31/10 6:12 pm

LOVE this movie! Can not wait for the remake and I too hope it's a great one!
cambric 4/1/10 5:34 am


1. The film begins with ______ being sacrificed to the gods
A maiden from the village
Perseus's mother
Perseus's sister
Perseus and his mother
2. Why does Zeus have a special interest in Perseus and his mother?
Zeus was Perseus' father
It was foretold that Perseus would one day rise and smite the enemies of Zeus
Zeus knew that Perseus was born of mortal woman, yet immortal himself
Zeus knew that Perseus would one day become a god himself
3. On Olympus, humans are represented by:
Chalk drawings
Stick figures
Wood carvings
Clay figurines
4. Zeus cursed Calibos to become a wretched figure. This did not sit well with the mother of Calibos, who was the goddess:
5. Angry at Zeus, Thetis transports Perseus to Joppa, where he meets Ammon (Burgess Meredith). Ammon, by trade is a:
Trainer of gladiators
Poet and scholar
6. Furious that Perseus has been abandoned in Joppa, Zeus commands that the gods provide him with implements to aid him. Which of the following is not among them?
A shield
A sword
A chalice
A helmet
7. The helmet that Perseus receives is nifty, in that it:
Can withstand any blow
Turns the wearer invisible
Greatly accelerates whoever wears it
Can transport the wearer through space and time
8. Andromeda refused to marry Calibos. As a punishment, Andromeda cannot marry unless a suitor:
Slays a mystical beast
Foretells the future
Solves a riddle
Navigates a maze
9. Perseus steals into Andromeda's bedroom, where things get a little weird. He witnesses the spirit of the sleeping Andromeda carried away to Calibos, transported in a cage by a:
Giant serpent
Winged horse
Large ugly bird
Nasty scorpion
10. Perseus follows Andromeda on her nightly visit to Calibos. What goes wrong as Perseus escapes from Calibos?
He loses his helmet
Pegasus is captured
Calibos badly wounds him
Ammon is captured
11. Perseus presents himself as a suitor for Andromeda. He successfully answers the requisite riddle. What is the answer that Perseus gives?
The sun
A ring
A dream
12. At the wedding of Andromeda and Perseus, what foreboding event takes place?
Andromeda is struck dumb
The temple collapses
The statue of Thetis collapses
Calibos kills Ammon
13. Ammon tells Perseus that he can learn how to defeat the Kraken by visiting the _____ Witches
14. An additional gift to Perseus, Bubo was a mechanical version of an owl carried by which of the gods?
15. Perseus gets the witches to disclose the secret for killing the Kraken by:
Threatening to sacrifice them to the gods
Killing one of them
Stealing the single eye they all share
Threatening to bring the wrath of Zeus upon them
16. Medusa was once a beautiful woman who was transformed when:
She was bitten by a spider
Made love to Zeus
Ran afoul of Aphrodite
Got it on with a snake
17. How did Perseus and his men get to the island where Medusa awaited?
By swimming
On a spooky ferry
On the back of Pegasus
By tunnelling under the river
18. Medusa wasn't the only danger that waited on the island. Perseus also had to defeat:
A minotaur
A hydra
A two-headed hound
A griffin
19. One of Perseus' company is turned to stone by Medusa. The other is killed in Medusa's temple by:
An arrow
Medusa's shield
A spider
A stone column
20. When Medusa's blood is spilled on the ground, giant versions of what creatures spring forth?
21. By the end of the film, all of the soldiers that set out with Perseus have died. They have died by each of the following, except for:
Being stabbed by Calibos
Being killed by the two-headed dog
Being killed by a giant scorpion
Being eaten by the witches
22. Pegasus spent most of the second half of the movie out of sight. Where was the winged horse?
Circling above Perseus until he had killed Medusa
Captured by Calibos
Keeping an eye out for the Kraken
Grazing in a field to keep up its strength
23. Why does Medusa's toxic blood not harm Perseus?
It only harms women
Zeus has blessed him
His cloak magically protects him from the blood
The blood was drained away when Medusa died
24. During the final confrontation with the Kraken, Bubo performs this critical task:
Retrieves Medusa's head from the ocean
Distracts the Kraken from killing Perseus
Cuts the bonds that hold Andromeda to the rocks
Blinds the Kraken
25. The film ends by stating that several of the characters had constellations named after them. Which of the following did not?

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