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Teeth quiz

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Hi, I'm the creator of the quiz, pointing out an error I didn't catch before. In question three, it should be DAWN'S stepbrother, not John's. There is no John.
tendersubject 4/11/10 5:59 pm


1. What industrial feature marks Dawn's hometown?
A shoe factory
Two nuclear power steam releases
An enormous leather furniture warehouse
An oil field
2. Finish the following song lyric from the movie: "Throw out the lifeline, throw out the lifeline - "
Or I will leave you today
I think i'm slipping away
Someone is drifting away
I think I'm going crazaaaaay
3. The actor playing Dawn's stepbrother can also be seen in the hit show:
How I Met Your Mother
The Hills
4. Who does Toby have a frightening resemblance to?
A Jonas Brother
Zac Efron
Alan Rickman
Brad Pitt
5. When Dawn, Toby, and those other two people get to the secret make-out spot in the woods, Dawn says:
Whoa, cool!
Ew, the water looks nasty.
Is that a cave?
Mm, Toby, let's make out.
6. When Dawn enters Brad's bedroom the first time, what is she wearing?
An old, ratty-looking pink tank top with little hearts all over it
A frilly moo-moo (nightgown)
A white, oversized, long-sleeved shirt with a unicorn on the front
7. After her first castration, Dawn is at an abstinence program, attempting to give a speech. What biblical tale does she and the freaky cult children start babbling about?
Jonah and the Big Fish
The Crucifiction
Abraham and the almost-sacrifice of his son
The Serpent's temptation of Eve
8. "Teeth" was advertised with the slogan "Every rose has it's thorn." This is the title of a hit by:
Lynyrd Skynnard
Guns 'n' Roses
Michael Jackson
9. Name in reverse order the men whom Dawn's thorny rose has pricked:
Brad, Ryan, the creepy gynecologist, Toby
Toby, the creepy gynecologist, Ryan, Brad
The creepy gynecologist, Toby, Ryan, Brad
Brad, the creepy gynecologist, Ryan, Toby
10. What are the names of Dawn's mother and stepfather?
Gwen and Phil
Bill and Kim
Brad and Melanie
Jim and Nancy
11. When Toby reveals that he is not really a virgin, Dawn replies:
You devil worshipping pervert! GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN!!!
Well, at least you know the... dangers... first hand.
Unless that girl was twelve and a fanatic of the Jonas Brothers, I don't believe you.
Will you marry me?
12. Finish the quote: "You put the ________ on my ___________ ___________, you put the ___________ in my _________ __________ _________ _________" HINT: Watch the credits.
mistletoe; Christmas tree; candles; grandma's tarnished gold menorah
ketchup; french fries; apples; fresh baked apple pie
wheels; gravy train; boom; boom shocka locka locka
gun; bedside table; money; fancy Swiss bank account
13. Where did "Teeth" first premiere?
London FrightFest Film Festival
Berlin International Film Festival
Nantucket International Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival
14. Where was "Teeth" filmed?
Austin, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Omaha, Nebraska
Fresno, California
15. What is the price of the unleaded gas at the gas station where the old man drops off Dawn at the end of the movie?
16. The web page Dawn looks up her little condition on contains an ancient myth about man's qualms about intimacy with a woman; the phrase used to describe their outlook was:
daunting task
epic journey
dark crucible
perilous trial
17. What was the profit brought in by "Teeth"?
about $325,000
about $2,000,000
about $2,325,000
about $1,780,000
18. Brad's girlfriend's name is:
19. When Dawn is reading in her bedroom, she can hear a popping noise from Brad's room: he's shooting an air gun at a picture on the wall. What is the picture?
A guy snowboarding
A page from an adult magazine
A picture of his stepmother
20. Brad's favorite genre of music appears to be death metal. What band do the makers of "Teeth" use for all of the death metal we hear in the movie?
Immortal Dominion
Lamb of God
21. "Teeth" has been dubbed by critics as a 'cult classic'. Which of the following set the standards used today to determine new cult classics, and has become a worldwide phenomenon?
Night of the Living Dead
A Clockwork Orange
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Blade Runner

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