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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 17: Spring Breakout
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The Bluth family episode of Scandalmakers was on TV last night. It was not a quality production, but the Narrator has particular scorn for:
the acting
the level of factual accuracy
the inattention to detail
the narration
Time for another Bluth family chicken impersonation. Lucille’s chicken impersonation involves elegantly flapping wings and calling:
cha chi-cha chi-cha chi-cha
Last time the Bluth family held an intervention about Lucille’s drinking, it led to:
Tobias being put in hospital
Mother not talking to them for a month... so let’s do it!
one of the Bluth family’s better parties
$20,000 in therapist bills
Gob believes that Lindsay is jealous of the girls in the Girls With Low Self-Esteen videos because she:
has mosquito bites
has the body of a twelve-year old boy
is a surfboard
is a pirate’s dream
George Sr has learned a valuable lesson – “Never promise crazy ___________”.
a baby
a seat on the board
you’ll leave your wife
a dream wedding
Girls With Low Self-Esteem producer Phillip Litt is played by:
James Franco
Tom Cavanagh
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Zach Braff
Phillip Litt has a secret:
surfboards turn him on
he was a former member of the Hot Cops
he is a never-nude
he is willing to strip for a novelty T-shirt
Lucille has been checked into rehab. Unfortunately, George Sr’s former secretary Kitty is demanding they meet at a local bar during spring break. The name of the bar is:
the Power Ballad Cafe
George Throrogood’s One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Señor Tadpole’s
Ten years ago, George, Sr. was taking an experimental hair growth drug. It was somewhat successful, but it also:
wreaked havoc on the central nervous system
triggered complete renal failure
caused him to grow firm, round breasts
burned when he peed and sent his marriage to hell
On the next Arrested Development, what is revealed to be in the cooler that Gob found in the banana stand?
Oscar’s stash
evidence that will bring down the Bluth company
250 cc’s of George Sr

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