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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 16: Meat the Veals
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“Mrs Featherbottom” is making breakfast for the Bluths:
“Who wants a banger in the mouth?”
“Do you want Cocoa Puffs or Froot Loops?”
“Are you after my Lucky Charms?”
“Would you like a sausage in your muffin?”
Late one night Buster thinks he sees Oscar intimately engaged with his hook. Oscar is actually using it to:
pick his nose
scratch himself
pop his zits
smoke a joint
In an effort to “hip” up his act, G.O.B. had briefly introduced a puppet. What’s his name?
Why doesn’t George Michael want Franklin to be at Lucille’s anniversary party?
he doesn’t want to be called “honky” in front of Ann
he doesn’t want Franklin to offer Ann any sexual chocolate
he doesn’t want him to point out his cracker ass in front of Ann
he doesn’t want Franklin to see Ann and say “let’s give that oatmeal some brown sugar”
Lindsay has Michael’s old engagement ring on which toe?
the one that went to market
the one that stayed home
the one that ate roast beef
the one that had none
Michael meets Ann’s parents. What does Michael say he would never say?
that Ann and Ann’s mother look like sisters
that some people can get too nutty about religion
that Ann should learn the ways of the secular world
that George Michael and Ann should not get pre-engaged
Who does not get up-close and personal with Franklin’s ether-laced lips?
“Mrs Featherbottom” claims to have driven around which British family?
the Roger Moores
the Sean Connerys
the Michael Caines
the David Nivens
George renews his vows to Lucille, which all of the following promises except:
I will caress and tweak
I will not turn out the lights
I will blow alternatingly hot and cool
I will always be there to rest your ankles on my shoulders
Why is George Michael looking worried?
Ann is moving back to Ohio, and she wants him to come
Ann finally wants to kiss, and with tongue this time
Ann thinks they should move beyond pre-engagement and get married for real
Ann wants him to teach her the ways of the secular flesh

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