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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 15: Sword of Destiny
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Starla, the Bluth Company receptionist has what disease?
Gob goes to an Eastern medicine store, Ancient Chinese Secret, for what reason?
something to make his wee-wee less pee-wee
something to make his ploppy less sloppy
something to make his tummy less rummy
something to give his dingle less tingle
In addition to the dong tea, Gob also buys a sword. The sword comes with:
a bag of fortune cookies
a heartburn remedy
a story of warning
a mogwai
George Sr. keeps hitting his head on the attic roof. His solution?
a motorcycle helmet
a hard hat
a towel turban
a tricorner hat
Looks like Michael has appendicitis. Dr Stein is assigned to his case. Dr Stein is played by:
Seth MacFarlane
Dan Castellanata
Harry Shearer
Billy West
Tony Wonder sells his DVDs from his website, which many claim suffered due to its pop-up ads. What pop-up ad is displayed as an example?
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Smiley’s emoticons, calling out “hellooooo?”
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Family Guy
Buster and Gob to a magic act, and Tony Wonder wants them for his next DVD. Unfortunately, some band has the rights to the title he wanted, so instead he plans to call it.
Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic
Cheap Truck
Use Your Allusion
Magic Bust
To allow Gob to stay in on his conversation with Tony Wonder, Buster grants him:
magic sanctuary
the gift of attention
listening privilege
permission to hover
Buster and Gob perform the Sword of Destiny trick. How many fingers does Gob lose?
The theme of this episode is respecting authority, which no one does. Michael’s authority is ignored in all of the following ways, except:
Tobias heads a Bluth Company meeting on behalf of George Sr
Lindsay lets George Michael drive the stair car
Lucille takes out full membership of the country club
the Bluth Company employees move their office

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