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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 14: The Immaculate Election
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Lindsay hijacked Lucille’s maid, Lupe, and had her cleaning the model home. What does Lupe find that are “Mister’s”?
leopard-print underwear
spandex shorts
hot pants
a feather boa
Lindsay has kicked Tobias out, and he has taken up residence:
in the Bluth Company offices
in the stair-car
on the set of hit TV-show Wrench
in the attic
George Michael videotaped himself:
dancing in different locations around Newport Beach
recreating scenes from Star Wars
mixing Diet Coke and Menthos
singing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’
Steve Holt and George Michael are both running for student body president. The election posters Maeby makes for Steve Holt say:
Volt for Steve Holt
Four More Years
Mission Accomplished
No Child Left Bhind
Through the course of this episode, Lucille walks into Buster’s room to find him in bed with:
Mrs Featherbottom
a vacuum robot
a and c, but not b
Lucile finds Lupe in bed with Buster: “And yet you’re too good to…”
wash the windows
scrub behind the fridge
clean the fireplace
polish the candlesticks
Tobias has gone undercover in the Bluth household as a British maid, named:
Mavis Periwinkle
Eugenia Sugarpenny
Phyllidia Featherbottom
Dahlia Chuffingworth
Mrs Featherbottom comes from what English town? (Hint: It’s the only made up one)
Nob End
Pratt’s Bottom
George Sr. has received religious enlightenment thanks to a pamphlet he found in the attic. He says Michael and Gob are like those Biblical brothers:
Castor and Pollux
Gallant and Goofuth
Zan and Jayna
Jake and the fat man
Gob is put in charge of producing George Michael’s election video. His narration includes all the following phrases except:
Steve Holt is a bastard
Do we want a president too stupid to graduate?
George Michael Bluth is a cool guy
Young or old... it doesn’t matter, in the dark

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