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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 09: Burning Love
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Arrested Development Season 2 quiz

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What event does Ann Veal want to hold at the Bluth model home?
a Christian music bonfire
a Bible study camp
an abstinence seminar
a protest against Maeby’s remake of Les Cousins Dangereux
George Michael is particularly fond of:
Weird Al Yankovich
Chris Rock
the Jerky Boys
Rodney Dangerfield
Michael has a crush on Sally Sitwell, seen here as a teenager. Who plays the adult Sally?
Christine Taylor
Leslie Mann
Elizabeth Banks
Christina Applegate
Actor and Second Amendment advocate Moses Taylor is famous for his portrayal of the rule-abiding detective:
Doug Spanner
Dave Sledge
Tom Hammer
Frank Wrench
The Blue Man Group has issued a “cease and desist” order on Tobias acting as a freelance Blue Man. What is not one of the stated benefits of hiring a scab Blue Man?
he costs less green
he has hair
he comes to you
he talks
Gob is infatuated with Lucille Austero. How does he suggest they set up her Posturepedic?
in the down position
with the knees elevated
with the shoulders up
so it moves up and down repeatedly
George Sr. gets a hot tub installed in the attic. From its smell, what flavour of boil-in-the-bag dinner apparently bursts in the water?
chicken teriyaki
veal marsala
Texas-style chili
beef stroganoff
Ann and George Michael share their first kiss:
after making a prank phone-call to Michael
while setting fire to a Peter and the Wolf album
at a protest outside Scott Cherry’s house
while working at the banana stand
Gob has a plan to help Michael impress Sally Sitwell, which involves:
letting the air out of her tires
draining her car battery
siphoning gas from her tank
stealing her car
Lindsay is auctioned for charity after being shot with a tranquilizer. How much does Tobias bid for her?

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