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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 08: Queen for a Day
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Arrested Development Season 2 quiz

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George Michael comes across a bunch of his old love letters that he’d written, but never sent. Which one is highlighted as particularly incriminating?
“We Share More Than A Family Connection”
“You Are Like A Flower In Springtime”
“I Wish It Weren’t Against The Law”
“If You Weren’t My Cousin”
Gob is fired from Sitwell Enterprises because all of his ideas involve:
Barry Zuckerkorn has filed a lawsuit against:
the LA Kings
the Anaheim Angels
the LA Lakers
the Anaheim Ducks
Michael is not pleased to learn that he was the only Bluth family member who never got a company car. He previously believed Gob won his Camaro on:
The Price Is Right
Press Your Luck
Hollywood Squares
Card Sharks
Lucille locked Buster out on the balcony, apparently after she baited it with:
tapioca pudding
cottage cheese
a Graham cracker
Thanks to Bluth family members selling their shares, the majority owner of the Bluth Company is now a company called Standpoor, which is owned by:
Stan Sitwell
Lucille Austero
J. Walter Weatherman
Carl Weathers
Worried that Buster and Lucille 2 are getting back together, Michael sets Buster up with a new love interest:
Maggie Lizer
Sally Sitwell
Tobias uses his Bluth Company money to buy a nightclub. Unfortunately it’s going under:
since the Balboa Bay Window rated it as “Not Hot”
and nightclub patrons have taken to stealing the fixtures
because it’s in a terrifying neighbourhood
and the previous owner has burned it down for the insurance
Tobias pledges to be Buster’s wingman:
“I’m prepared to take one for the team.”
“And if I see any [bleep]blocking, consider it unblocked.”
“I’ll take care of anyone wanting to dig for gold”
“Even if it means taking a chubby, I will suck it up.”
Prior to [bleep]ing Lucille 2, Gob reveals to her that Lucille did what?
moved her wall a couple of inches into Lucille’s apartment
caused the accident that sent her back to the vertigo clinic
had Lucille 2’s new Posturepedic diverted to her bedroom
ruined the re-budding of her relationship with Buster

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