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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 07: Switch Hitter
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Arrested Development Season 2 quiz

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Michael and Gob meet with the owner of a rival building developer, named:
Stephen Satchwell
Sam Saltwell
Stan Sitwell
Scott Stalwell
Michael says that Stan Sitwell has what condition, rendering him completely hairless?
The meeting ends when Gob accepts a job offer from Sitwell, and they leave to pick up Sitwell’s:
dress eyebrows
just-woke-up hair
fitted sideburns
Hasselhoff wig
Maeby gets out of school by telling her father it is:
Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
Help Your Dad Follow His Dream Day
Change Your World Day
Watch Entertainment Television Day
Lindsay has been taking Teamocil for the following side-effect:
a sense of well-being
a lack of caring
decreased sex-drive
George Michael suggests Ann for the Bluth Company softball team because in addition to not being litigious, she:
has super-fast reactions
has this low center of gravity
is great at catching
has powerful core strength
What does Michael describe as a good way to think of Ann?
a reserve
an extra
a back-up
a substitute
When Buster was 10, he and Lucille appeared in a cover story of the Balboa Bay Window titled:
My Mother Is My Best Friend
Smother Your Child With Love
Why I Want To Marry My Mother
My Son Is A Constant Disappointment
Thanks to Lucille’s efforts with an old flame, Buster is taken out of combat training and put into:
balloon corps training
chaplain training
USO training
Salvation Army training
On the next Arrested Development, Buster is reassigned to the front thanks to:
his knowledge of Arab tribal customs
his abilities with the skill crane
his terrible singing voice
his soothing shoulder rubs

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