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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 05: Sad Sack
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Arrested Development quiz

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George Sr. is still hiding out in the attic, and is wearing the clothes stored there. This week he’s wearing:
frozen banana stand uniforms
Michael’s dead wife’s maternity clothes
the God costume from the Live Art pageant
Tobias’ cut-offs
Thanks to a lawsuit, what word is Sergeant Wendell Baker Wendell not allowed to use to motivate army recruits?
Oscar describes Lucille’s rape horn as:
a warning bell
a referee’s whistle
a starter’s pistol
a fire alarm
Desperate to “run into” her crush Steve Holt, Maeby has ordered what gift basket?
Bear Hugs for Valentine’s
Easter Chocolate Decadence
Memories of Thanksgiving
St Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold
Steve Holt has been a senior for:
one year
two years
three years
four years
Embarrassed by her mother, Maeby explains to Steve Holt that Lindsay is actually her:
community service assignment
cousin from Kentucky
Gob twice tried to microwave what, while it was still in its foil:
a Hot Pocket
a Breakfast Burrito
a Ding-Dong
a Toaster Strudel
Wayne Jarvis is the prosecuting attorney on the Bluth case. He is so serious:
he booed the ending of Footloose
he walked out on a date who asked his star sign
he travels out of the country every Hallowe’en as a precautionary measure
he was once called the worst audience participant Cirque du Soleil ever had
Buster enlists Gob to motivate him to complete what part of his Army training?
scaling the rope climb
climbing the wall
swinging on the monkey bars
Tobias accidentally photographs himself while in the bath. Unfortunately, a close-up of his testicles is mistaken for:
the location of George Sr.
the location of the Bluth Company files
the location of Bluth Company homes in Iraq
the location of WMDs

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