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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 04: Good Grief
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Arrested Development quiz

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Gob would like to get on the cover of the magazine for magicians, named:
Hocus Focus!
A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!
The family hears of George Sr’s death. George Sr. used what brand of toothpaste?
Barry appears to have lost George Sr’s will. He claims it is at his office:
next to the hot plate with the frayed wires
next to the paper shredder underneath a pile of old newspapers
next to the outlet with all the appliances plugged in
next to the bed of his hyperactive, incontinent dog
What’s Gob’s new plan to get on the cover of Poof!?
escaping from an exploding boat
guillotining himself in the manner of his father’s “death”
burying himself alive in his father’s coffin
performing the Table of Death
Maeby’s subplot for this episode is:
to keep her parents together so they spend less time with her
to ensure her mother has an affair so she can be emancipated
to break up George Michael and Ann
to help her father’s dream of becoming a permanent member of the Blue Man Group
This episode, the Peanuts’ theme “Christmastime Is Here” plays whenever a character is lonely and depressed – all of the following except when:
Gob finally makes the cover of Poof!
George Sr. learns that Lucille is having an affair with Oscar
Buster finds out it’s not George Sr’s birthday, but his funeral
Tobias finds his hard-boiled eggs have disappeared
George Sr. wasn’t killed in prison because he found a loophole in the Mexican legal system:
sexual favours
While a child, Buster believed that Rosa’s favourite toy was:
the dustbuster
the washing machine
the mop and bucket
the microwave oven
George Michael discovers George Sr. in hiding. This parodies:
Saddam Hussein
The Diary of Anne Frank
Apocalypse Now
George Sr. is hiding up in the attic listening to his own wake. In his eulogy, what does George Michael say he will bring his grandfather?
salmon rolls
mini pizzas
chicken wings
cocktail shrimp

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