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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 02: The One Where They Build a House
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Arrested Development quiz

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This episode revolves around Michael and Gob’s efforts to emulate their father by having a ribbon cutting ceremony. What was not the subject of a George Sr. ribbon-cutting?
1963 Frozen Banana Stand Opening
1973 Completion of First Major Housing Tract
1978 Completion of Milford Academy Extension
1983 Completion of Orange County Prison
Lindsay is interested in buying a new cream that contains
George Michael’s new girlfriend Ann likes to eat what two foods by mixing them in her mouth?
strawberries and cream
mayonnaise and egg
banana and chocolate
peanut butter and jelly
New president of the Bluth Company Gob has bought a boat with company money. What’s it called?
the Seabird
the Seaborne
the Seaward
the Seamen
Buster accidentally interrupts Lucille and Oscar’s rekindling of their relationship because:
he wanted soup and couldn’t open the can
he hurt himself with his ear medicine
he wanted his pyjamas ironed
he heard zoo noises
Buster whispers to the army medical officer that his reproductive organ is shaped like:
a lobster tail without its shell
a Sicilian cannoli
the Eiffel Tower, but sideways
a bendy straw
Gob has a new business model for the Bluth Company – the one he met at the boat show. What’s her name?
And what’s the new slogan Gob has developed for the Bluth Company?
Ask Why?
Solid As A Rock
The Smartest Guys on the Block
A Housing Company That Won’t Steal All Your Money
Tom Jane is making two movies for a major studio. One is a gritty personal project about a junkie’s life, which he only got to do in exchange for making a rigidly formulaic popcorn movie. Name the popcorn movie:
Danger Beach
Sex Camp
The Wedding Bride
Homeless Dad
The Bluths finish building the house, and at the ribbon-cutting ceremony there’s a banner that reads:
A New Day
Stay The Course
Yes, America Can
Mission Accomplished

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