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How Well Do You Know: Arrested Development, Season 2 Episode 01: The One Where Michael Leaves
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Arrested Development quiz

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This is a TV show not a Movie
MrsLaura 11/30/11 12:42 pm


At the beginning of the episode, Michael is taking his son George Michael to start a new life in:
Since George Sr. left, Buster has become too much of a big shot to:
zip mother up
brush mother’s hair
scrub mothers back at bath-time
Michael is alarmed to discover that Lucille has:
the company checkbook
an urge to talk about her sex drive
a rape horn
a date
Annyong volunteers to play Uncle Sam in the get-out-to-vote assembly. It’s a lot better than the part he has now:
Viet Cong soldier
Chinese toy factory manager
Guy who orders strike on Pearl Harbor
Kim Jong-Il
It is strongly hinted this episode that Buster’s father is actually:
George Bluth
Barry Zuckerkorn
Oscar Bluth
J. Walter Weatherman
Tobias has an idea to save his marriage with Lindsay: “These people somehow delude themselves into thinking it might, but.... but it might work for us.” What is it?
a key party
a trial separation
a ménage a trois
an open relationship
Lindsay catches Tobias practising what exercise tape?
Belly Dance Off The Inches
Squat Thrusts For You
Tantric Mechanics
EZ Keglin
Lucille is stopped on the street by a man who appears to be Michael Moore. What’s the result?
She gives Buster up for adoption
She signs Buster up for Cuban healthcare
She enlists Buster in the Army
She volunteers Buster for charity work in Bangladesh
Tobias has stumbled across an exciting career opportunity with:
the Blue Man Group
Cirque du Soleil
Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens
Fill in the blank: Tobias: “__________________” Michael: “There has got to be a better way to say that.”
I just blew myself
I have to get on that man train
Can you give me a reach around?
I’ll try it doggy-style next time
Lindsay has a date. Unfortunately for Lindsay:
her date is a court officer who’ll be issuing a summons
her date is a realtor who’ll be showing her an open house
her date is a plumber who’ll be fixing her pipes
her date is a mechanic who’ll be working on her exhaust
On the next Arrested Development, Barry Zuckerkorn is having the time of his life:
in Reno
in the hospital
in the banana stand
in prison

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