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How Well Do You Know: The Blind Side
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1. The film begins with a look at the devastating injury suffered by which NFL quarterback?
Terry Bradshaw
Joe Montana
Joe Theismann
Fran Tarkenton
2. The Tuohys live in this state, where football is a big deal:
North Carolina
3. At the beginning of the film, we see Michael being questioned by a woman as part of an investigation. We eventually learn that the woman is from:
The Justice Department
The District Attorney's office
A television news program
4. Michael comes to the school he eventually attends with a man called:
Sweet Lou
Big Tony
Fast Eddie
Big Danny
5. While most of Michael's test scores are extremely low, he excels in this area:
Potential for learning
Problem solving ability
Protective instincts
Empathic concern
6. For the majority of first quarter of the film, Michael wears this:
A blue polo shirt and shorts
A brown jacket and blue jeans
A black sweatshirt and shorts
An Oakland Raiders t-shirt and torn black pants
7. Leigh Anne's occupation is:
Travel agent
Wedding planner
Interior decorator
Court stenographer
8. Leigh Anne invites Michael over to her house as the Tuohys encounter him walking by himself late one night. Where does Michael say that he is going, so that he can get warm?
The laundromat
A homeless shelter
A hospital
A gym
9. Michael's introduction to the Tuhoy house comes as what holiday nears?
Fourth of July
New Year's Eve
10. When Leigh Anne takes Michael by his mother's, he finds:
She has been evicted
She is dead
She hasn't been seen by anyone for months
Her using drugs
11. Leigh Anne takes Michael shopping for clothes. He chooses this type of shirt, which he wears for a good part of the film
Oxbord button-downs
Striped rugby shirts
Hawaiian aloha shirts
12. Leigh Anne gives Michael something he says he has never had before. What is it?
His own towel
A bed
More than one shirt to wear at a time
A photograph of himself
13. The Tuohys and Michael go out to dinner, and Michael meets someone he knows in the restaurant. Who is it?
His father
A minister that Michael used to stay with
His cousin
His brother
14. Who raises the question of whether Leigh Anne's daughter is save living in the same house as Michael?
Her co-worker
The women she has lunch with
A teacher at the school
Michael's mother
15. Michael joins his school's football team. What letter on the side of the team's helmets?
16. This person helps Michael train to get in shape for football during the summer:
SJ, the Tuohys' son
Collins, the Tuohy's daughter
Leigh Anne
The head football coach
17. Why does Michael say he wants a drivers license?
So he can be more independent
So he can visit colleges that recruit him
So that he can carry something with his name on it
So he can go out and visit his mother frequently
18. Investigating how to become Michael's legal guardian, Leigh Anne learns this startling fact about Michael's mother:
She has had at least a dozen children
She has been dead for five years
She is a janitor at Michael's school
She is in prison
19. When Leigh Anne asks Michael if he'd like to become part of their family, he answers:
That he already has a family
That he'd like to talk to his mother before he agrees
He thought he already was
By nodding silently
20. SJ uses these to diagram plays for Michael:
Condiment and spice bottles
Spools of thread
Barnyard animal finger puppets
His mother's crystal figurines
21. Michael and SJ sing this song when they get into a traffic accident:
Ice Ice Baby
Sweet Home Alabama
I Will Always Love You
Bust a Move
22. Leigh Anne eventually realizes this about the car accident:
That SJ, not Michael, was driving
The other driver was one of the women from her lunch circle
That Michael blocked the airbag from injuring SJ
That Michael suffered cracked ribs during the accident
23. Which of the following was true about the first football game in which Michael played?
Even though it was a home game, there were lots of visiting fans
Michael allowed a sack that left the quarterback badly injured
Michael's team was shut out
Michael's coach was ejected from the game
24. Michael's prospect for college seemed dim in that he needed this GPA:
25. Miss Sue, Michael's tutor, made this comment about the University of Tennessee's football stadium:
Fans had to sit in the stadium according to their race
The field was 3 yards too long and 2 yards too narrow
Body parts of dead people were buried underneath
It was the site of a Civil War battle
26. The film contains cameos by several actual college football coaches. Which of the following is not among them?
Nick Saban
Lou Holtz
Steve Spurrier
Phil Fulmer
27. Working diligently with his tutor and teachers, Michael's grades improve, except in English. What poem was pivotal to Michael passing the class?
Kublai Khan
Death Be Not Proud
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner
The Charge of the Light Brigade
28. The film provides a few brief flashbacks depicting Michael's childhood. The most vivid of these comes at the end of the year, when we see:
Michael's father being killed
Michael being taken from his mother
Michael's uncle beating him
Michael running away from home
29. Michael satisfies the woman from the NCAA by saying that the reason he wants to play football at Ole Miss is:
It's the best place for him to grow as a person
That's where his family went
The Ole Miss coach treated him with respect
It would break his mother's heart if he went to Tennessee
30. The film ended with Michael being drafted by this NFL team:
Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys
Miami Dolphins
Baltimore Ravens

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