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How Well Do You Know: Sherlock Holmes
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1. When we first hear Holmes' voice in the film, it is to provide a voiceover explanation for:
How to rob a bank
How to disable a man
How to defuse a bomb
How a mouse will spent its final moments alive
2. After apprehending Lord Blackwood, Holmes goes three months without a case. He's having a hard time filling the hours, as evidenced by the fact that he is firing a gun in his room adjacent to Watson's office. Why is he shooting?
He is trying to get more light into a room
He is firing at imagined villains
He is studying the acoustics of the room
He is trying to invent something to muffle sound of gunshots
3. Meeting Mary, Watson's lady, at a dinner, Holmes deduces each of the following about her, except for:
She is a governess
She had been engaged
She doesn't really love Watson
She wears someone else's jewels
4. A larger fellow had apparently bested Holmes in a boxing match. Holmes was ready to walk away when the bloke did this to incur his wrath:
Spit at his head
Insulted his mother
Called him a coward
Impugned his pugilistic skills
5. When Holmes visits him in prison, Blackwood warns that there will be how many more murders?
6. At his hanging, we learn that Blackwood had murdered how many women (along with being credited with an additional attempted murder)?
7. These were apparently Blackwood's last words right before he hung:
Darkness comes quickly
Death is only the beginning
I will rise again
Evil is never extinguished
8. At Irene's introduction in the film, Holmes' behavior can best be described as:
9. As Irene departs after hiring Holmes, Holmes disguises himself in order that he can:
Follow her home
Find out who she is working for
Prevent her from robbing a store
Determine who she is romantically involved with
10. What was the name of the dog that suffered considerably for the good of Holmes' experiments:
St. George
11. Each of these served as a suggestion that Blackwood had risen from the dead, except for:
A note in Blackwood's handwriting was found in the tomb
The body of someone else was in Blackwood's coffin
Blackwood was seen by a witness rising from the grave
The stone slab sealing Blackwood's tomb had been shattered from the inside
12. Aside from hair color, what was the chief distinguishing physical attribute of Reordan, the man found in Blackwood's coffin?
His height
His weight
The number of hands he had
The number of eyes he had
13. When Holmes and Watson break into Reordan's to investigate, they are interrupted by men who have come:
To arrest Holmes
To arrest Reordan
To burn the place down
To collect a debt from Reordan
14. Holmes survives a time in jail by:
Fighting off all comers
Telling jokes
Guessing the crimes of the inmates
Performing magic
15. Holmes deduces that Sir Thomas, the man that bailed him out and the head of the Temple of the Four Orders, is Blackwood's father. How?
Eye color
A picture of Blackwood in James' pocket watch
Shape of the earlobe
16. Holmes determines that Irene's employer is:
A policeman
A clergyman
A professor
A banker
17. Sir Thomas doesn't live long after consulting Holmes. Where is he killed?
In his bathtub
In an alleyway
In a wine cellar
In a graveyard
18. Appearing at a meeting of the Four Orders, Blackwood announces this bold initiative:
To kill the royal family
To conquer all of Asia
To reclaim America
To pioneer air travel
19. What happens to the dissenting Order member who tries to kill Blackwood?
He gouges his own eyes out
He runs onto his own sword
He throws himself out a window
He bursts into flame
20. Holmes realizes this mythical beast is the key to understanding Blackwood's target:
A centaur
A griffin
A sphinx
A minotaur
21. And Blackwood's target would be:
Police headquarters
Westminster Abbey
The Church of England
22. Which of the following did not play a role in Holmes escaping Lord Coward, when the Home Secretary had him alone in a room at gunpoint?
A mirror
A key
An open window
23. Blackwood met his ultimate demise by:
24. During their confrontation on the bridge, Holmes explained each of Blackwood's tricks, except for:
How Blackwood broke out of his tomb from the inside
How Blackwood's followers in Parliament were to have survived the gassing
How Sir Thomas died in his tub
How Blackwood survived his hanging
25. The film ends with these two words spoken by Holmes:
Case reopened
I've returned
Simple deduction
Justice prevails

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