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How Well Do You Know: Deep Blue Sea
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1. The film opens with a shark attacking a boat. How many of the four people on the boat were killed by the shark before it was corralled by Carter?
2. Meet Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson), the president of a pharmaceutical firm. Franklin has gained renown for rescuing a hiking party after disaster struck. Where did the episode take place
The Himalayas
The Alps
The Andes
3. The Acquatica team was working with the sharks to develop gene therapy to combat this disease:
4. Preacher has a bird named Bird. What kind of bird is Bird?
5. Franklin doubts the purported genius of Whitlock (Stellan Skarsgard), since the first time Franklin sees Whitlock, Whitlock is literally:
Pissing into the wind
Running with scissors
Swimming immediately after eating
Walking under a ladder
6. Early in the film, the sharks demonstrate some troubling developmental advances. Which of the following was not one of them?
They hunted in packs
They swam backwards
They recognized Carter's gun
They became completely resistant to all kinds of sedatives
7. The experiment that the team conducted just before everything started going to hell:
Gave inconclusive results
Was a success
Was a complete failure
Was not completed, because everything started going to hell
8. The test shark bit off Dr. Whitlock's:
Arm, completely
Arm, at the elbow
Leg, completely
Leg, at the knee
9. After the shark bites Whitlock, Susan does something controversial. What was it?
She prevented Whitlock from being evacuated
She released the shark before Carter could shoot it
She insisted on completing the experiment
She prevented the call for medical evac from going through
10. The last we see of Whitlock in the film:
He died in the explosion of the evac helicopter
His gurney was used as a projectile to flood the facility
His gurney fell into the shark-infested water
He was shot by Carter
11. Following Whitlock's death and the crippling of the facility, who was cut off from the others for a considerable portion of the film?
Scoggs (Michael Rapaport)
12. Susan discloses that she did the following no-no regarding the sharks:
Conducted the experiments using an unapproved species of sharks
Injected the sharks with steroids
Bred a special type of shark for the experiments
Increased their brain mass
13. Preacher almost dies from poetic justice, as a shark nearly:
Freezes him in his own freezer
Crushes him under his own cookware rack
Cooks him in his own oven
Burns him with scalding pie
14. Before dying one of the more spectacularly starling movie deaths ever, Franklin makes this confession:
Sharks had killed every member of his immediate family
A few of the members of his expedition died at the hands of other survivors
There is no way that any of the Acquatica team is going to survive
A fourth shark is loose - not three, as everyone believes
15. The blonde researcher Jan, who serves no real purpose in the film aside from whining, died when a ________ collapsed:
Hatch door
Wall of fortified glass
16. "I spent four years at CalTech, and that's the best physics explanation I've ever heard." Who impressed Scoggs with his/her interpretation of the Theory of Relativity?
17. Preacher takes time to make a video recording of a final testament, which includes the recipe for:
An omelet
Chocolate mousse
18. Scoggs becomes the latest victim of the sharks as he and Carter try to:
Restore power to the facility
Drain a stairwell
Feed explosives to one of the sharks
Recover Whitlock's body
19. What was Susan wearing when she electrocuted the shark?
Her wet suit
Bra and panties
A t-shirt
20. Susan's unexpectedly sexy encounter with the shark came as she was trying to:
Destroy the facility
Retrieve research data
Find a safe route to the surface
Save Preacher
21. As the final three survivors attempt to swim to the surface, they use these objects to distract the sharks:
Fire extinguishers
Air horns
22. Preacher escapes the jaws of the shark because he carries this object with him:
A Swiss army knife
A cookbook
A pistol
A cross
23. Susan drew blood from this in order to attract the shark to keep it from escaping the pen:
A piece of meat
Carter's arm
Her hand
Her ankle
24. Preacher: man of God, great cook...but lousy shot. When he tries to shoot the shark with the explosive-laden harpoon, he instead shoots Carter through:
The leg
The arm
The hand
The torso
25. How many people in the film kill either directly or indirectly?
By way of explanation.....
Whitlock, the two helicopter pilots, Brenda in the tower, Franklin, Jan, Scoggs and Susan; Carter and Preacher survive

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