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How Well Do You Know: Up in the Air
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1. The film begins with a number of people reacting to the news that they have just been fired. The segment ends with "Steve," portrayed by this actor:
Steve Zahn
Sean Astin
Zach Galifianakis
Jon Favreau
2. This object is the central conceit in the lectures that Ryan gives:
A jukebox
A backpack
A kitchen drawer
A cookbook
3. CTC, the company for which Ryan works is based out of which Midwestern city?
St. Louis
Rapid City
4. Meeting in a lounge for the first time, Ryan and Alex first hit it off by discussing the merits of various:
Frequent flier programs
Hotel chains
Rental car companies
Travel insurance carriers
5. At their first meeting, Alex is most impressed with a certain _________ in Ryan's wallet.
Business card
Money clip
Airport concierge club card
$2 bill
6. Ryan: "Last year, I spent _____ days on the road - which means I had to spend ______ miserable days at home."
300 / 65
322 / 43
360 / 5
200 / 165
7. Natalie is fresh out of:
Texas A&M
Bryn Mawr
8. When Ryan first meets Natalie at the airport, he scolds her on her choice of:
Travel attire
Choice of security line to stand in
Airline to travel on
9. Firing people at the first company they visit together, Ryan and Natalie meet a man (J.K. Simmons) who is resistant to being laid off. When the man bristles at Natalie's involvement, Ryan convinces him to accept the termination by:
Saying he'll eventually make more money in a different job
Suggesting that the company is about to go under
Suggesting that he's not doing what makes him happy
Telling him that a rival company is hiring
10. Ryan explains to Natalie that he tries to earn as many miles as possible:
To benefit him in retirement
For a trip around the world
So that he can live an entire year without working
Just for the sake a accumulating as many miles a possible
11. Natalie fires a person who states that s/he is going to commit suicide. Describe the person.
A young, red-haired man
An African American woman
An older Asian man
A brunette mother of two
12. How does Natalie's boyfriend dump her?
By text message
By changing his Facebook status
By flying out to the city she was currently in
Ironically, through a video chat
13. When listing traits of her ideal man, Alex offers all the below, except for:
Earns more money than she does
Loves dogs
He'll be taller than she is
Someone who is not an a$$hole
14. Natalie, Ryan and Alex crash a party at a tech conference. Which has-been rapper performs at the party?
Vanilla Ice
Tone Loc
MC Hammer
Young MC
15. In Detroit, Natalie fires a Mr. Samuels through video (even though he is sitting in the next room). What is Mr. Samuels' ultimate reaction?
He vows to kill Natalie
He has a heart attack
He weeps
16. Through the movie, Ryan was building up to a certain number of miles accrued. What was the goal that he eventually achieved?
1 million miles
10 million miles
50 million miles
75 million miles
17. Through the movie, Ryan totes around a cardboard cutout of his sister and her fiance. He photographs it each of the following cities, except for:
Las Vegas
St. Louis
Washington, D.C.
18. In Wisconsin for Ryan's sister's wedding, Ryan and Alex visit - actually, break into - this place significant in Ryan's past:
The movie theater where he used to work
His old school
The house where he grew up
The garage that his dad owned
19. Jim, the groom-to-be, wants to back out of the wedding. Ryan convinces him to go through with it by telling him:
That life's better with company
Marrying Ryan's sister is his only hope for a better life
That Ryan will bludgeon him if he doesn't go through with it
Ryan's sister is the most special person he'll ever meet
20. Ryan flies to Alex's home to surprise her. But the joke's on him - she's married with a family! When he shows up at her door, who answers the door?
Alex herself
Her mother
Her husband
Her daughter
21. Alex uses this term to describe how Ryan fits into her life:
A vacation
A relapse
A parenthesis
What's behind the other door
22. Passing his mileage goal, Ryan receives a special card. In addition to his name, the card is engraved with:
"No. 7"
"Without Limits"
"Sail On"
23. The woman who threatened suicide earlier in the film ended up:
Jumping off a bridge
OD'ing on pills
Shooting herself
Walking in front of a train
24. It's suggested that Ryan gives a fairly substantial number of his miles to:
A man that he never met
A person that he fired
His sister and her husband
25. Through the film, the city in which Ryan sets down appears in large letters on the screen. Describe the appearance of the letters:
Black outlined in white
Orange outlined in black
White outlined in black
Red outlined in black

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