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How Well Do You Know: Nurse Jackie: Season Two
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1. "Comfort Food": Coop tries to coax Jackie into a date by asking her to join him for what musical?
Rock of Ages
Jersey Boys
2. "Comfort Food": Eddie ends up at All Saints' Hospital -- as a patient. What is he suffering from?
A gunshot wound
An overdose
A hernia
A headache
3. "Twitter": Jackie catches Thor eating this food item in the chapel.
4. "Twitter": Zoey suggests to "God" that he really isn't God at all. To make up for it, she says he may very well be the nephew of God or the _____ of God.
5. "Candyland": Dr. O'Hara is distraught when Cooper makes a top 25 doctors list and she doesn't. Akalitus offers her comfort by telling her what?
That Cooper doesn't deserve it
That other doctors lists will be published later in the year
That she's one of her top 5 all-time doctors
That the doctor's list is a shame
6. "Candyland": Zoey is going to a party later, and Dr. O'Hara knows it. What advice does she offer Zoey?
To put her hair up
To put her hair down
To wear a skirt
To floss
7. "Apple Bong": Jackie is reluctant to push date night with Kevin to a later time after Eddie requests Kevin's presence at a _____.
Strip club
All-you-can-eat buffet
Soccer game
Baseball game
8. "Apple Bong": Jackie scores pot for a patient. She says she knew the guy she got it from smoked because of his steady diet of Doritos and _____.
Mountain Dew
Peanut Butter
Diet Coke
9. "Caregiver": Dr. O'Hara confesses to Jackie that she has had an on-again, off-again relationship with a woman, Sarah. What's her profession?
Foreign correspondent
10. "Caregiver": All seems to be forgiven between Jackie and Eddie as this episode marks the first time this season that the pair does something together civilly. What?
They go to the movies
They go out for a drink
They take a walk in Central Park
They go to the beach
11. "Bleeding": Jackie tells Fiona's friend, Kaitlyn, to "Shut the f--- up" after she overhears Kaitlyn say this to her daughter.
Are you really only 5?"
"Are you retarded?"
"Do you still wear diapers?"
"Do you know how much money your mom makes? Nothing."
12. "Bleeding": Sam: "Kidding. I grew up in Jersey. Went to Rutgers." Thor: Kidding. By slave I meant _____."
Jessica Biel
Paris Hilton
Princess Leia
13. "Silly String": Before he death, Libby Sussman says to Akalitus that she will not provide any funding to the ER. Why?
Because her surgery didn't end up curing her
Because she already gave money to All Saints' rival hospital
Because Cooper grabbed her boobs
Because she's broke
14. "Silly String": "So you want me to treat you, because I'm pale?" Who's Zoey talking to?
Dr. O'Hara
15. "Monkey Bits": According to Dr. O'Hara, what are monkey bits?
Buffalo wings
Celery sticks
Burger sliders
16. "Monkey Bits": Harvey Fierstein guest stars as the husband of a patient at All Saints. What was his husband doing before he ended up at the hospital?
He was mowing the lawn
He was surfing the web
He was picking up his sister at the airport
He was changing a lightbulb
17. "P.O. Box": All Saints has an influx of patients, but no employees are around to help. Why?
Because first shift ended and the second is about to begin
Because Jackie tells everyone to ignore Akalitus
Because they're crowded around a broken Pill O-Matix machine
Because they're on strike
18. "P.O. Box": While walking into Akalitus' office, _____ says this: "Mrs. A. I... never come in here."
19. "Sleeping Dogs": Coop is ecstatic that one of his patients is Marco Prince. What sport is he known for playing?
20. "Sleeping Dogs": Akalitus announces that Thor can't have lunch. Why?
Because he already had lunch
Because there are too many patients in the emergency room
Because he has to lose weight
Because his shift isn't long enough to permit one
21. "What the Day Brings": Nurse Jackie panics when she can't find her drugs while in the car with her family. That's because the _____ she keeps them in fell to the floor of the car.
Cigarette box
Floss container
Change purse
Toothpaste tube
22. "What the Day Brings": In the car, Kevin finds out that Jackie took O'Hara's financial gift. Angered with Jackie, what does Kevin do?
He slaps Jackie
He demands that Jackie exit the car and then he drives away
He tells his daughters to shut their eyes and cover their ears
He exits the car and walks away
23. "Years of Service": Why do Jackie and Thor perform a tap dance number in the finale?
To impress Akalitus
To keep Sam awake
To burn off calories
To keep Zoey's mind off Lenny
24. "Years of Service": Thanks to a perfectly executed throw down by _____, Jackie evaded a revenge-seeking drug dealer.
25. "Years of Service": Finish season two's final line of dialogue: "Hi, my name is Jackie. I am a drug addict. _____"
I think.
Blow me.
Yeah right.

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