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How Well Do You Know: Sandra Bullock Trivia
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Sandra Bullock quiz

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1. Portrayal of this character won Sandra the 2010 Best Actress Oscar:
Linda Lue Linden
Maria Santangelo
Siddalee Walker
Leigh Anne Tuohy
2. Long before you heard of identity theft, Sandra starred in 1995's The Net. Which Saturday Night Live personality also appeared in the strangely prescient cautionary tale?
Dennis Miller
Mike Myers
Victoria Jackson
Chris Rock
3. Put these movie posters in order by date of release, from earliest to most recent:

A - D - C - B
B - A - D - C
D - B - C - A
B - D - A - C
4. Sandra's husband Jesse James is best known for his work on which reality TV show?
The Amazing Race
Deadliest Catch
Hell's Kitchen
Monster Garage
5. In Speed, a seemingly small detail that turned out key to the plot was the fact that Sandra's character Annie Porter went to this university:
University of Arizona
Penn State
Florida State
6. In the 1996 film In Love and War, Agnes von Kurowsky was the paramour of which acclaimed author?
James Joyce
James Mitchner
Charles Dickens
Ernest Hemingway
7. In The Proposal, Margaret Tate worked in which field?
8. Sandra reteamed with her Speed co-star Keanu Reeves in The Lake House, which was a remake of a film from which country?
South Africa
South Korea
9. In Miss Congeniality, Gracie Lou Freebush represented which state in the Miss United States pageant?
Rhode Island
New Jersey
10. When he's not acting, Sandra's co-star in Hope Floats is best known as:
A former NFL player
A reality TV host
A model
A musician
11. For a while, Sandra dated her co-star in 1992's Love Potion No. 9. Who was it?
Tate Donovan
Jerry O'Connell
Matthew Broderick
Eric Stoltz
12. In a film in which Sandra played a witch, who played her sister (also a witch!)?
Meg Ryan
Nicole Kidman
Jennifer Connelly
Martha Plimpton
13. In The Prince of Egypt, Sandra's character Miriam had was what relation to Moses?
14. One of Sandra's first stand-out roles was in the blastacular Sylvester Stallone movie Demolition Man. What was the first name of Bullock's Lt. Huxley?
15. Sandra has starred in a film based on a novel by which of these popular writers?
Michael Crichton
John Grisham
James Patterson
Stephen King
16. Sandra had a small part in a 1993 film you've probably never heard of called The Vanishing. Why is this notable?
It was her film debut
Her voice was dubbed over with that of another actress
She believed she would be the lead, yet appeared in only about 5 minutes of screen time
Along with 2010 Best Actress winner Bullock, it starred 2010 Best Actor winner Jeff Bridges
17. Wow, did you know this? Sandra played the lead in the short-lived television version of which movie?
Working Girl
9 to 5
18. Sandra's alma mater, Washington-Lee High School, now boasts four Oscar winning actors among its alum (Gena Rowlands, Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty being the others). In which state did Sandy attend high school?
19. Sandra's first "legitimate" award (sorry, Saturn & MTV Movie Awards) nomination came when she received a Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Golden Globe nom for:
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Two if by Sea
While You Sleeping
Love Potion No. 9
20. In 2010, Sandra pulled off the extremely rare feat of winning both the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress and the Oscar for Best Actress in the same weekend. Accepting her Raspberry in person, Sandra showed up:
With the entire cast of All About Steve
Towing a wagon full of All About Steve DVDs
Wearing a Meryl Streep mask
With a bag over her head
21. In 28 Days, Gwen Cumming's crashing of what type of vehicle served as the final straw for her to be sent into rehab?
Police car
22. Do you ever have a hard time keeping Bill Pullman straight from Bill Paxton? So do we (even though we did write a quiz on that very subject).

Anyway, who starred in While You Were Sleeping with Sandra?
23. Roughly 10 percent of actors working in Hollywood appeared in the Oscar winning Crash. Sandra was one of them. Which of the following did not act in the film?
Don Cheadle
Matt Dillon
Thandie Newton
Forest Whitaker
24. Sandra starred alongside Denis Leary in a 1996 film whose title comes from a poem concerning which historical figure?
George Washington
Paul Revere
Abraham Lincoln
25. As of 2010, how many times has Sandra appeared in a sequel to one of her earlier films?

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