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How Well Do You Know: The Hurt Locker
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The Hurt Locker quiz

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1. Let's start with what should be a softball. The film is primarily set in:
Saudi Arabia
2. Which of the following quotes appears on screen as the movie opens?
Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter.
A great war leaves the country with three armies - an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves.
The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addition, for war is a drug.
In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.
3. Owen Eldridge is frequently referred to in the film as this, his military rank:
Staff Sergeant
4. Sergeant Thompson (Guy Pearce) was killed during the first scene in the movie when a bomb was detonated via cell phone from a man standing next to what kind of establishment?
Butcher shop
Gas station
Movie theater
5. When Sanborn and James first met, James was under the impression that he was in Camp ______, not knowing the name had been changed to Camp ______.
Liberation ./ Defiance
Vigilance / Vengeance
Liberty / Victory
Shield / Sword
6. How many days were left in Bravo Company's rotation when James made went out on his initial mission in the film?
7. The unit that James and company belonged to was known by which three letter abbreviation?
8. When James sets off to defuse his first bomb, he makes a decision that Sanborn clearly has a problem with. What is it?
He sets off without putting on his bomb suit
He goes off despite the fact that the area has not been secured
He eschews the use of the robotic camera
He orders Sanborn to not attempt communication with him
9. Before the bomb is defused, a car speeds onto the road where the unit is operating. Who forces the driver to back up at gunpoint?
A soldier standing by
10. James takes a liking to a local boy who peddles merchandise to the soldiers. The boy is known by a name shared by a famous:
Soccer player
Basketball player
Movie star
11. The boy primarily sells _____ to James:
12. The unit is dispatched to defuse a bomb in the back of a car. What complicates matters when they arrive?
The car is surrounded by goats
The trunk has been welded shut
Children are playing near the car
Gunfire engulfs the car in flames
13. When dealing with the cars in the back of the car, James removes his suit. His reason for doing so is that:
The suit will slow him down too much to defuse the bombs in time
The suit limits his coordination and flexibility
The suit won't provide any protection if the bombs detonate
It will simply piss Sanborn off
14. David Morse plays an officer who is really impressed with James. When pressed for the number of bombs that he has disarmed, James responds with:
600 even
15. Eldridge sees Colonel Cambridge, the base psychiatrist. What is troubling Eldridge?
He cannot deal with the constant stress of the missions
He feels responsible for the his unit leader, Thompson
He feels he has abandoned his wife and child
He is sure that James is going to get them all killed
16. James and company come across a group of contractors who have captured two wanted men. Why were the contractors where they were?
They were waiting to rendezvous with another group of contractors
One of the prisoners had escaped
They were pinned down by fire
They had a flat tire
17. In the ensuing battle, Eldridge spotted a man near train tracks. Eldridge's attempts to kill the man were complicated because he was partially obscured by:
Dust clouds
A rock formation
A herd of animals
A thicket of trees
18. The intensity with which Sanborn and James watched a house in which gunmen hid was evident by the fact that:
They refused Eldridge's offer of something to drink
They did not brush away the flies crawling across their face
Their legs were completely cramped when the mission was finished
They laid motionless for hours
19. Will characterized a box of his possessions as:
Stuff that almost killed me
The only things that keep me going
Clutter that holds me back
Garbage he's been meaning to throw away
20. Does James have any children back home?
A daughter
A son
A daughter and a son
21. James and Sanborn wrestle drunkenly following a mission. James pins Sanborn to the floor. How does the encounter end?
Eldridge pulls James off
Sanborn pulls a knife
The unit is suddenly called out on a mission
James falls off Sanborn, laughing
22. James comes across the mutilated body of a boy, which he assumes to be that of Beckham. A bomb has been stuff inside the body. What does James do?
Places explosives on the body without detonating the bomb
Removes the bomb from the body
Begins to remove the bomb from the body, but thinks better of it
Walks again, anguished
23. Colonel Cambridge was killed by a bomb after he dispersed a group of people who had been gathered around:
A freshly dug grave
A school
A cart
A burning flag
24. How did James get off base to go to what he thought was Beckham's house?
He jumped unseen into a supply vehicle
He jumped out of the humvee as it returned from a mission
He slipped pas the gate guards
He forced one of the base vendors at gunpoint to drive him
25. Attempting to reenter the base, James offered by way of explanation:
That he was at a whorehouse
That he had been captured
That he had been left behind by his unit
That he was reporting for duty after recently enlisting
26. When he sees the still-alive Beckham on base, James:
Strikes him
Walks past him silently
Embraces him
Stares blankly at him
27. Eldridge's final words as he departs the picture are:
Let's get out of this f@*!& desert
This is all your fault, Will
See you boys on the other side
You just had to go out and get your adrenaline fix!
28. James's tries in vain to help a man with a bomb fastened to him. He tries unsuccessfully to use:
A saw
A bolt cutter
A torch
A lock picking set
29. The removal of the bomb was complicated further because of the fact that:
A sniper fired at James as he worked
The bombs were on a timer
The bombs were all wired together
The bombs were controlled by a remote
  1. First female to win Best Director
  2. Best Picture film with the longest running time
  3. Only Best Picture Oscar winner not to be nominated for a Best Picture Golden Globe
  4. Best Picture winner with the lowest recorded domestic box office take
With regards to The Hurt Locker's Oscar wins, which of the above are true?
A only
B and D
A and D
B and C

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