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How Well Do You Know: 2006: The Year in Movies
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The question about football should be specified, as in America, The Longest Yard is about football.
Michichi21 2/14/11 2:37 pm


1. The trailer for which film contained the well-intoned line, "Ask me about my weiner!"
National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj
Grandma's Boy
She's the Man
2. Which of these actors was not a member of the cast of The Departed?
Matt Damon
Brad Pitt
Martin Sheen
Mark Wahlberg
3. Which 2006 release featured cast members of Saturday Night Live and In Living Color as well as a past contestant from American Idol?
All the King's Men
Little Miss Sunshine
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
4. This movie's lead actor went to the extraordinary lengths of offering to call or e-mail your friends and loved ones to get them to watch a movie he called quite possibly the greatest ever.
Nacho Libre
Snakes on a Plane
Superman Returns
5. There were two $100 million openers this year. One was obviously Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Have you already forgotten that the other was ________________?:
The Da Vinci Code
Ice Age: The Meltdown
X-Men: The Last Stand
6. Which horror film received the highest fresh rating at RottenTomatoes?
The Descent
Saw 3
An American Haunting
The Return
7. Google hosted a multi-part online game to tie in with the release of what movie?
The Inside Man
The Da Vinci Code
Pan's Labyrinth
8. Which 2006 movie takes place at Mooby's fast foot restaurant and shows more of a donkey than you want to see?
Clerks II
Employee of the Month
9. A famous director returned to his roots when he created a theatrical adaptation of the television show that had made him famous. What was it?
The Dukes of Hazzard
Miami Vice
The Mod Squad
10. Gore Verbinski, director of The Ring, The Mexican and The Weather Man, directed only one movie this year. Can you name it?
The Break-Up
The Omen
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Silent Hill
11. Which of these is not a 2006 movie with a football theme?
The Longest Yard
Gridiron Gang
Goal! The Dream Begins
By way of explanation.....
Football has two different meanings in various parts of the world, but what cannot be denied is that The Longest Yard came out in 2005.
12. How many words are in the complete title of the film Borat?
13. Complications from surgery prevented Roger Ebert from appearing on Ebert & Roeper for the better part of 2006. In his absence, all of the following - except for whom? - filled in as guest host:
Jay Leno
Aisha Tyler
Kevin Smith
Richard Linklater
14. Which of the following did not have a trailer run during the 2006 Superbowl?
V for Vendetta
Mission Impossible 3
Over the Hedge
15. This 2006 film featured a star/director combination who had also collaborated on a 2005 release:
A Scanner Darkly
Underworld: Evolution
16. The influence of Asian cinema on American film continued in 2006. Three of the following releases were based on an Asian original. Which was not?
The Lake House
The Departed
Last Holiday
17. Comedy legends Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney made their triumphant returns to the cineplex in which 2006 release?
The Holiday
National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj
Night at the Museum
Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion
18. Which of these 2006 releases did not feature Luke Wilson?
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
19. The Fugees made a surprise reunion performance in which film?
Clerks II
Dave Chappelle's Block Party
High School Musical
Step Up
20. An unexpected, odd feud developed between classic rock mainstay Steely Dan and the creators of which summer release?
You, Me and Dupree
Nacho Libre
21. Three of the following pairs contain a set of place names that were each part of a film name released in 2006. Which is the odd set out?
London, Tokyo
Annapolis, Talladega
Hollywood, Nebraska
Guantanamo, Khazakstan
22. Which of the following is not based on a comic book?
Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties
Superman Returns
V for Vendetta
X-Men: The Last Stand
23. Which of these master thespians did not play a villain in one of the 2006 summer blockbusters?
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Bill Nighy
Kevin Spacey
Chiwetel Ejiofor
24. Which of the following movies did Regal and Cinemark refuse to exhibit due to its controversial subject matter?
CSA: Confederate States of America
Death of a President
Road to Guantanamo
United 93
25. Which of the following is not a 2006 release about dancing?
Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School
Step Up
Take the Lead
Tango de la Muerte
26. Which of these films made the most money at the box office?
The Devil Wears Prada
Failure to Launch
The Holiday
The Wicker Man
27. Will Ferrell reunited with his Elf co-star, Zooey Deschanel, in which 2006 release?
Failure to Launch
Stranger Than Fiction
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Winter Passing
28. Which late 2006 release came with the tagline 'WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping"?
Happy Feet
Step Up
29. Which of these actresses did not try to kill John Tucker?
Arielle Kebbel
Brittany Snow
Vanessa Anne Hudgens
30. Romar Releasing, a company whose list of ownership partners includes Billy Zane, wound up being sued by the director of what 2006 release because the distributor failed to exhibit the film in as many theaters as promised?
Snakes on a Plane
Alone in the Dark
American Dreamz

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