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How Well Do You Know: Fathers in the Movies
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1. The Wrestler's Randy (Mickey Rourke) decides to buy his daughter Stephanie (Evan Rachel Wood) a gift in an effort to make amends after being absent for so many years. Where does he shop for her gift?
a thrift store
a lingerie boutique
a convenience store
a liquor store
2. In Dan in Real Life, daughter Cara's (Brittany Robertson) boyfriend shows up unannounced and is promptly told to leave by her father, Dan (Steve Carell). What does Cara accuse her father of being?
jealous she has found love because he hasn't
the worst father on earth
a murderer of love
a total loser
3. What song does The Game Plan's Joe (Dwayne "The Rock" Robinson) sing to his newly discovered daughter Peyton (Madison Pettis) in order to cheer her up after she locks herself in her room?
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Love Me Tender
Can't Help Falling in Love
Good Luck Charm
4. In Three Men and a Baby, Peter (Tom Selleck) reads to baby Mary in his most soothing voice, in order to help her fall asleep. What is he reading to her from?
the dictionary
The New Yorker
Sports Illustrated
5. Father of the Bride's George Banks (Steve Martin) helps daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams) and her fiance Bryan (George Newbern) patch things up after Annie calls off their wedding, due largely in part to...what?
a bridesmaid
the honeymoon location
a stripper
a blender
6. In Life as a House, George (Kevin Kline) tells ex-wife Robin (Kristin Scott Thomas) about his last truly happy day before the one he was currently experiencing. What did it involve?
laying in bed with his wife and son
playing with his son in the ocean
dancing with his son in their old house
teaching his son how to play baseball
7. At which child's wedding did Parenthood's Frank Buckman (Jason Robards) punch out the band leader?
Helen (Dianne Wiest)
Susan (Harley Kozak)
Gil (Steve Martin)
Larry (Tom Hulce)
8. In Mr. Holland's Opus, music teacher Glenn Holland (Richard Dreyfus) and his wife name their son after which musician?
Elvis Presley
John Coltrane
Muddy Waters
Paul McCartney
9. Which of these father/child actors have never co-starred in a movie?
Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie
Donald Sutherland and Kiefer Sutherland
Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks
Christopher Plummer and Amanda Plummer
10. In National Lampoon's Vacation, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and son Rusty (Anthony Michael Hall) have a discussion after Clark is caught skinny-dipping with a sexy woman (Christie Brinkley) in the motel pool. Clarks claims the woman was...what?
the motel's manager, checking in on his hotel experience
a pool cleaner, making sure the chlorine levels were safe
a swimming waitress, taking his food order
sleepwalking/swimming, and he was trying to help her out of the pool and back to her home
11. What movie does Love Actually's Daniel (Liam Neeson) use to inspire stepson Sam (Thomas Sangster) to go after his dream girl?
Sleepless in Seattle
Beauty and the Beast
The Philadelphia Story
12. Sleepless in Seattle's Jonah (Ross Malinger) tells father Sam (Tom Hanks) that he and letter-writer Annie (Meg Ryan) both love __________, which is a sign that they are meant to be together.
Brooks Robinson
Cary Grant
Julia Child
13. What gift does Elf's Buddy (Will Ferrell) buy for his newly discovered birth father Walter (James Caan)?
a bottle of maple syrup
women's lingerie
a "World's Best Dad" mug
an Elf suit that matches his
14. Definitely Maybe's Maya (Abigail Breslin) finds out something about her father Will(Ryan Reynolds) in his flashback stories that shocks her. What is it?
he admitted to doing drugs
he smoked cigarettes
he had a threesome
he was a Republican
15. In American Pie, Mr. Levenstein (Eugene Levy) tells son Jim (Jason Biggs) that masturbation is like...what?
tuning a radio, trying to find the right station
bad pizza
getting a learner's driving permit
hitting a tennis ball against a brick wall
16. In which movie does a voice actor quit his job because the cartoon bird he's voicing is smoking cigarettes, which this movie father feels is a bad example for children?
Mr. Mom
Mrs. Doubtfire
Little Miss Sunshine
Definitely, Maybe
17. What does Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman) unsuccessfully attempt to make for his son Billy (Justin Henry) the morning after wife Joanna (Meryl Streep) leaves them?
eggs and bacon
French toast
18. Where does Big Fish's Edward Bloom (Albert Finney) tell the story of his catching the big fish, that leads to the years-long estrangement with son William (Billy Crudup)?
Edward's wife's funeral
William's wedding reception
a ceremony recognizing William's work accomplishments
William's child's baptism
19. What does Field of Dreams's Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) do that ultimately results in playing a game of catch with his father?
pitches a perfect game in his last game before he announces his retirement
joins a minor league baseball team that his father is coaching
travels back in time to the day he was born (also the day his father died)
builds a baseball field on his farm
20. Which actor won an Academy Award in a film directed by his child?
Kirk Douglas
Walter Huston
John Barrymore
John Carradine
21. What alerts Frequency's John Sullivan (James Caviezel) to the fact that the man he's talking to on his father's old ham radio is, in fact, his father Frank (Dennis Quaid) 30 years in the past?
a burn mark on a desk
the ham radio
a song playing in the background
a Mets game on TV
22. How does American Beauty's Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) react when wife Carolyn keeps interrupting him during family dinner?
He sets fire to the dining room curtains.
He throws a plate of food against the dining room wall.
He tells Carolyn he wants a divorce so he doesn't have to hear her nagging ever again.
He screams until Carolyn and their daughter Jane (Thora Birch) stop talking, stunned.
23. In Armageddon, deep-core oil driller Frank Stamper (Bruce Willis) finds daughter Grace (Liv Tyler) in bed with A.J. (Ben Affleck), one of his employees. How does Frank respond to this discovery?
He chases after A.J. and attempts to shoot him with a rifle
He locks Grace in a utility closet until he can put her on a helicopter
He beats A.J. to a pulp in the break room
He (temporarily) fires A.J.
24. What does The Little Mermaid's King Triton say is the one problem left after The Sea Witch is defeated, the kingdom is Triton's once again and poor lovesick daughter Ariel is back 'under the sea'?
"She refuses to forget about that human."
"My daughter is heartbroken, which breaks MY heart."
"How much I'm going to miss her."
"The sea world and the human world will never live in harmony together."
25. Poor Jack (Michael Keaton), a.k.a. "Mr. Mom", has a hard time figuring out how to shop for groceries. What does he lose while checking out his groceries?
his wallet
the shopping list
his children
his cart full of groceries

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