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How Well Do You Know: Parenthood
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Parenthood quiz

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1. The film opens with Gil and Karen (Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen) taking their family to this wholesome activity:
A baseball game
A Fourth of July picnic
An outing to the beach
2. This actor, currently well-known, is unrecognizable as Garry, the troubled son of Helen (Diane Wiest):
Ryan Gosling
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Joaquin Phoenix
Ryan Phillippe
3. When Larry (Tom Hulce) appears at the family gathering early in the film, Gil gives one of his sons this piece of advice:
Keep him away from the women
Don't let him take you to the track
Do the opposite of what he says
Don't give him any money
4. Larry surprises the family by introducing his son. What is the boy's unusual name?
5. Gil and Karen meet with Kevin's principal. The principal wants to:
Suspend Kevin for fighting
Skip Kevin ahead a year
Hold Kevin back a year
Transfer Kevin to a school for special children
6. Helen finds out that her daughter Julie is sexually active with "that Tod" (Keanu Reeves) when she:
Discovers love letters from Tod
Picks up the wrong set of pictures from the photomat
Walks in on them
Overhears a very steamy phone call
7. Susan (Harley Jane Kozak) keeps something stashed away in her closet that she uses to get back at her husband Nathan (Rick Moranis). What is it?
Junk food
Sex toys
Postcards from romantic locations
8. What was the first sign that Larry's deal was getting him in trouble?
His son was kidnapped
His fingers were broken
He was thrown out of a moving car
He was beaten badly
9. Gil coaches Kevin in this sport:
10. After Kevin costs his team a game, Gil has a waking nightmare that:
Kevin becomes a pirate
Kevin ends up getting convicted in a savings and loan scandal
Kevin becomes a drugged-out rock star
Future Kevin is shooting up a college campus
11. The scheduled entertainment for Kevin's birthday party, Cowboy Dan, didn't show up at the party. Who was sent by the entertainment agency in his place?
An elephant handler, without his elephant
A spoken-word hipster
A stripper
A mime
12. "After I blow a hole in somebody and slip around on their guts... afterwards, I always like to...."
Make balloon animals
Clean up a bit
Mosey on out of town
Go huntin' for little four-footers
13. Garry, having been rebuffed by his dad who wants nothing to do with Garry, acts out by:
Vandalizing his dad's office
Running away
Stealing Helen's car
Setting the house on fire
14. Who has the sex talk with Garry?
15. Gil wrecks his minivan. How did it happen?
The kids were arguing in the back
Gil's dad ran him off the road
Karen was trying an unusual method to relieve his tension
He was racing Larry
16. Larry is in deep to some loan sharks, so he attempts to make off with his father's:
Antique car
Baseball card collection
Vintage guitar set
Civil war memorabilia
17. Susan tells Nathan that she is leaving him by this unusual method:
Singing telegram
A note left on the refrigerator
An ad on the radio
Note cards
18. The man that Helen dates is:
Her insurance agent
Tod's father
Garry's biology teacher
Played by director Ron Howard's brother, Clint
19. Tod pursues this past-time, which is a source of friction between him and Julie:
Car racing
Dog fighting
20. Passed over for a partnership, Gil quits his job. Karen wants him to get the job back. Why?
She wants to go back to school
Kevin's special needs school will be expensive
She's pregnant
They'll get unending flak from his family
21. When knucklehead Larry goes off to Chile to chase another get-rich-quick scheme, he leaves Cool behind to live with:
Larry's father
Nathan and Susan
Gil and Karen
22. Nathan attempts to win Susan back by singing which song (rather badly) to her in front of her class?
I Say a Little Prayer
Walk on By
Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
Close to You
23. Gil's grandmother tells a story that eventually serves as the basis for Gil coming to terms with his family life. What was the subject of her story?
Flying in an airplane
Diving off a diving board
Riding a roller coaster
24. Throughout the film, Justin, Gil's youngest son, displays this odd habit:
Walking around with fingers in both his nostrils
Butting everything with his head
Walking around without any pants
Covering his years and yelling "Blah, blah, blah" whenever someone talks to him
25. By the end of the film, who doesn't have a newborn baby?

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