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Gladiator quiz

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1. Gladiator opens up with the Roman army ready to battle which barbarian tribe?
2. The Roman military sends out a negotiator to discuss the terms of the surrender of the Germanic barbarians. How do the barbarians reply?
By cutting off the head of the negotiator
By sending the negotiator back with a letter saying 'No'
By cussing out the Roman army
By agreeing to surrender, only to see the Roman army attacking anyway
3. In what year did the Roman army defeat the Germanic barbarians, thereby giving Emperor Marcus Aurelius full control of the Roman World?
200 A.D.
150 A.D.
180 A.D.
80 B.C.
4. Maximus holds what rank in the Roman Army?
5. What battle cry did Maximus yell out to his men to begin the battle?
Roma Invicta!
Roman Victory is ours!
Hail to the Emperor!
Death to the barbarians!
6. Marcus Aurelius asks Maximus, "When was the last time you were home?"

Maximus replies:
Two years, 264 days
Two years, 104 days
Two years, 310 days
One year, 317 days
7. When Marcus Aurelius tells Commodus that control of Rome will be turned over to Maximus, Commodus doesn't take the news well. How does Commodus kill Marcus Aurelius?
By snapping his neck
With his sword
With hidden dagger
By smothering him
8. There are strong tones of a sexual relationship between Lucilla and Commodus. How were they related?
Son and mother
Brother and sister
Friends from youth
9. After killing his father, Commodus proclaims himself Emperor. He says to Maximus, "Your Emperor asks for your loyalty, Maximus. Take my hand, I only offer it _____"
because you're the general.
because my father wished it.
because the Senate requires it.
10. After escaping the death sentence, Maximus returned home only to find his wife and son dead. How did they die?
Crucified and burned
Stabbed and burned
Hung and stabbed
Beaten and burned
11. Maximus is found unconscious by slave traders. Where do they take him?
12. While the slave traders travel to Zucchabar, Juba, another slave, treats Maximus's wound so he'll be healed by the time they get there. Once at Zuccabar, who purchases Maximus and Juba?
13. Proximo purchases men for battle and profits from their deaths. What was his previous profession?
Male prostitute
Slave owner
Emperor's assistant
14. What was Maximus's name as a Gladiator?
The General of Rome
The Roman Legionaire
The Spaniard
The One Who Wouldn't Die
15. Maximus is told by Proximo that if Maximus wants to win his freedom he must go to Rome and fight in the arena, and that he must also:
Kill at least 10 other Gladiators
Win over the crowd
Kill the Emperor
Be undefeated for 1 year
16. Maximus refers to the two horses on his breastplate as, "_____ and _____" when he was talking to Lucius.
Scarto / Argento
Philino / Batherto
Castino / Fraserto
Escarto / Tanterto
17. "We who are about to die _____"
are honored
are scared
salute you
hate you
18. "On this day, we reach back to hallowed antiquity, to bring you a recreation of the second fall of the mighty Carthage! On the barren plain of Zama, there stood the invincible armies of the barbarian Hannibal. Ferocious mercenaries and warriors from all brute nations, bent on merciless destruction, conquest. Your emperor is pleased to give you the barbarian horde!" Who does Maximus fight and unexpectedly defeat in his first Colosseum battle?
Legionnaires of Scipio Africanus
Legionnaires of Scipio Egyptanus
Legionnaires of Scipio Carioanus
Legionnaires of Scipio Asiananus
19. After the Battle of Carthage, Emperor Commodus comes out to pay a visit to the victors, who were supposed to have died. Maximus has the intention of killing Commodus until Lucius shows up.

What was Maximus going to use to kill Commodus?
His bare hands
The head of a broken arrow
A hidden dagger
His sword
20. What sign does Commodus give to the Colosseum contestants and spectators that his judgment of death is given to a Gladiator?
Thumb down
Thumb up
Finger across his neck
A yawn
21. Cicero, Maximus's trusted friend and his former servant, meets Maximus in Rome. Cicero tells Maximus his army is loyal to him and is waiting for him, and gives Maximus:
A map showing a secret way out
A dagger to use against Commodus
A good luck charm
Statues of his wife and son
22. The only undefeated Gladiator in Roman history, who is brought out to battle Maximus after five years of retirement?
The Tiger of Rome
Tiger, son of Zeus
Tigris of Gaul
The Roman Bear
23. After Maximus defeated Tigris of Gaul, the crowd chanted for Tigris's death. Maximus defies the signal for death and lets Tigris live. What does the crowd began to call Maximus?
Maximus the Merciful
Maximus the Cheater
Maximus the Loser
Maximus the Victor
24. While waiting to fight his next battle, Maximus is given some food, which he believes is poisoned. Who takes a bite of it for him and fakes being poisoned?
25. Commodus confronts Maximus just before they are to do battle against each other. Acknowledging he is not as good as Maximus, Commodus takes out a stiletto and stabs Maximus in his:
Sword arm
26. With Maximus disarming Commodus in battle, Commodus demands a sword from Quintus, who refuses. Commodus orders the guards give him a sword and Quintus:
Tells the guards, "Sheath your swords!"
Orders one of the guards to give Commodus a sword
Relents and gives Commodus a dagger
Orders the guards, "Attack Commodus!"
27. Of course, Maximus eventually defeats Commodus:
Using Commodus's own dagger
With a sword from the guard
With his own sword
By breaking his neck
28. What does Juba bury in the Colosseum at the end of the movie?
29. Juba says to Maximus's memory, "I will see you again...but ______"
In your afterlife
After I go home to Africa
Only after I die
Not yet
30. How does Cicero, Maximus's faithful servant, die?

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