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How Well Do You Know: My Bloody Valentine (2009)
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1. In the original Hanniger Mines cave-in, how many people were discovered still alive?
2. The person we see die on screen FIRST dies pretty horrifically. How does he meet his end?
Warner traps him against a wall of the cave and slices through his chest
Warner triggers a rock slide which crushes him
Warner stabs him clear through his head and into his eye
Warner pins him against the cave wall and smashes his head in with two axes
3. Just as Warden is about to kill Tom near the mouth of the cave, he's stopped. What happens?
He gets shot at by police
Tom threatens him with a gun
Sarah runs the car between Warner and Tom
He decides against killing Tom
4. How many total people does the local news report that Warden killed?
5. Who said it? "Happy fucking Valentine's Day."
6. After 10 years, Tom returns to Harmony. Why is he there?
To attend his father's funeral
To sell the mine
To make amends with his mother
It's not clear
7. How does Frank the Trucker die?
Irene shoots him
He trips over Warden's pick-axe and falls into a pit
Warden slices his leg and he dies from excessive bleeding
Warden's pick-axe goes through the top of his head
8. Irene is able to fend off pick-axe blows from Warden because _____ is between her and the killer.
A plant
A desk
A bed frame
A laundry bin
9. Tom reunites with Sarah at her place of employment. Where does she work?
A bowling alley
A skate shop
A drugstore
A grocery store
10. What makes Sarah feel super nostalgic about old times?
A VHS tape
A photo
A piece of string
A poster
11. Who said it? "Damn Harry Warden. Got me aiming at shadows."
Deputy Ferris
12. Axel receives a "valentine" in the mail. What is it?
Poisoned chocolates
Vials of blood
A human heart
A rat
13. Tom pays a trip to the mine. Why does he go there?
To see if the methane lines were ever fixed
To say hello to some old friends
To tell Ben that he's not selling
To spook Warden
14. Tom pays another trip to the mines. This time with an actual weapon. What does he have?
A crowbar
A machete
A pick-axe
A gun
15. What's the town's newspaper called?
The Daily Harmony
The Harmony Chronicle
The Times of Harmony
Local News
16. Megan, convinced that no one else in the grocery store with her and Sarah, says: "There's nobody here, Sarah." Then what happens?
They see Warden
The lights go out
They hear a harsh snap
They hear a large glass window break
17. At the store, Warden traps Sarah, but she manages to break free after slapping him with _____.
A cereal box
A shovel
Frozen meat
A mop
18. What phrase is written above Megan's body?
I Smell a Rat
Be Mine 4 Ever
4 Ever and Always
I Love You
19. Who said it? "Wait! I'm kinda pussy sometimes."
20. Following the incident at the grocery store, how does Axel first learn that Sarah is with Tom?
Sarah calls him
It's written on a note at the house
His son tells him
Through hospital check out
21. While with Tom in his car, Sarah pretends she is on the phone with _____ instead of Axel.
Her mom
Her dad
Her son
22. Sarah grabs the wheel while Tom is driving and they get into a wreck. What sails through the windshield?
A rock
A steel beam
A tree branch
The arm of a crane
23. The original My Bloody Valentine came out in what decade?
24. Who's the killer?
25. What company distributed the movie?
New Line
Fox Searchlight
Legendary Pictures

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