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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Slicer
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1. George goes for an interview at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, but runs into trouble when he sees a family photo on the interviewer's desk that George is also in. Where are they?
The mountains
The beach
A farm
At a restaurant
2. Knowing the photo will cause trouble, George steals it. What does Kramer suggest he do with it?
Burn it
Replace it with a different photo
Get himself airbrushed out of it
Cut his image out of the frame
3. What goes wrong when George gets it airbrushed?
The photo is no longer in color, but black and white
The photo is no longer black and white, but in color
In addition to George, the airbrusher also removed the background
The airbrusher removed the wrong person
4. At her apartment, Elaine can't fall asleep because the tenant next to her left for Paris and forgot to turn off the alarm clock. Elaine blows the tenant's socket, which is a big mistake. Why?
The neighbor's food, including a bulk supply for a benefit, will spoil
The plants will no longer receive sunlight
The cat's automatic feeder shut off
The neighbor's apartment is now unlocked because its locks are electronic
5. Jerry is dating a girl who claims to save lives. Jerry can't stand that she says that because she's a _____.
6. Jerry: "Dermatologists. Skin doesn't need a doctor." George: "Of course not. _____."
It's skin
Wash it, dry it, move on
It's one of those invented professions
That's like saying our body hair needs a doctor
7. Dr. Sara: "Do you have any idea what it feels like to save someone's life?" Jerry: "Is it anything like _____?"
Eating a big steak
Hitting a homer in softball
Finishing War and Peace
Running a marathon
8. While using Kramer's new meat slicer, Elaine manages to ding the blade. How?
She switched Kramer's blade with a sharper one
She left her purse next to the slicer and accidentally turned it on
She caught her heel in it and bangs the slicer against the doorknob
She bought the wrong kind of meat from the general store
9. Kramer pretends to be a doctor to take a shirtless photo of the guy who interviewed George so that George can add it to the family photo that he ruined. Why does the guy think Kramer is a doctor?
Kramer is wearing a lab coat
Kramer is attending to patients in the lobby
Kramer was paged over the intercom
Kramer has a good doctor's name
10. Jerry develops hives and realizes later that it's because _____.
He's using a towel from Kramer's bathroom
Elaine used Jerry's towel to get the neighbor's cat's attention
His lady friend smeared out-of-date skin cream on his towel
Kramer was cleaning his meat slicer with Jerry's towel

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